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Where are your products made?

Our products are all made in the USA, Southern California to be exact.

Where does OSEA seaweed come from?

OSEA’s certified organic seaweed is hand harvested in Patagonia in the south of Argentina.

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Do you test on animals?


(But we did bathe our beloved family dog with Ocean Cleanser for years because it is gentle and pure enough for our entire family!)

Do OSEA products contain animal by-products?

No. Never. In fact, all OSEA products are vegan.

Is OSEA organic?

OSEA uses organic ingredients whenever possible. Many of OSEA’s ingredients are USDA certified organic, including our Undaria Algae and Gigartina Algae.

Have OSEA products/the seaweed OSEA uses been contaminated by the tsunami in Japan?

OSEA seaweed comes from the Atlantic ocean, from the protected waters of Patagonia. This is on the other side of the world from where the tsunami and the resulting nuclear disaster occurred.

Is it normal for your product colors to vary from bottle to bottle?

Because we don’t use artificial colors in our products and our wild-harvest USDA Certified Organic seaweed is variable in color there are natural variations in the color of our products.

Does OSEA offer an SPF?

Not at this time. We are still perfecting our SPF formula. Sign up for our Newsletter and you’ll receive notifications on our new product releases.