Body Exfoliation Set

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Body Exfoliation Set

Exfoliate and Renew Your Entire Body's Skin



SKIN TYPES: Normal, Dry, Combo, Sensitive.

Transform your daily shower into a healing ritual with Salts of the Earth Scrub and Anti-Aging Body Balm. This invigorating, exfoliating scrub contains moisturizing Shea Butter and an exotic blend of the most mineral rich salts found on this earth. Complete your spa experience with a nourishing and toning silky sea-mineral enriched body balm that will leave you with a scent of paradise.

Set Includes:  Salts of the Earth Body Scrub (12 fl oz), Anti-Aging Body Balm (6 fl oz)


How it works


Salts of the Earth Body Scrub exfoliates and restores your skin's natural glow with certified organic botanical and essential oils, containing 84 trace minerals. Anti-Aging Body Balm nourishes and tones the skin with Alaria Esculenta marine extract and Coconut and Babassu oils, improving elasticity and repairing dry, sun-damaged skin.



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Salts of the Earth 
Anti-Aging Body Balm 

How to Use


Exfoliate your body's skin in the shower with Salts of the Earth Scrub. Towel dry and massage Anti-Aging Body Balm into skin for firming and moisturizing effect.

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