Simple Skin Care Set

Simple Skin Care Set

Simple Combination for Daily Care.



SKIN TYPES: Normal to Dry & Mature.

Purify your skin and visibly improve its appearance with this straightforward skin care set. Perfect for minimalists looking for a simple and effective daily skin care regimen that hydrates and increases skin's vitality.

Set Includes: Ocean Cleanser (6 fl oz), Atmosphere Protection Cream (2 fl oz), and Eye Gel Serum (0.6 fl oz.)

How it works


The marine algae in Ocean Cleanser gently cleanses the skin without depleting the protective lipid barrier. Atmosphere Protection Cream contains natural emollient properties of seaweed combined with macadamia and avocado oils for a light, silky texture and provides excellent hydration. Vitamins A and E to strengthen collagen and elastic fibers. Antioxidant-rich Eye Gel Serum has Reservatrol, mega-peptide Chronoline, organic Gigartina Algae and six other organic marine extracts for anti-aging.



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Ocean Cleanser 

Atmosphere Protection Cream 

Eye Gel Serum 

How to Use


Gently cleanse and refresh your skin with the Ocean Cleanser. Massage Atmosphere Protection Cream onto damp skin in upward, circular motions to moisturize. Followed with a sheer application of Eye Gel Serum beneath eyes for lifting effect.

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