Acne Relief Essentials

Acne Relief Essentials

A Comprehensive, Deep Cleansing Acne Treatment

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SKIN TYPES: Oily, Acneic Skin. 

This powerful, non-drying combination of OSEA products balances oil production, calms sebaceous glands, reduces redness and inflammation, and helps to prevent scarring. Your skin will look and feel refreshed, nourished, and visibly clearer!

Set Includes: Ocean Cleansing Mudd (6 fl oz), Corrective Complex (1/3 fl oz), Blemish Balm (2 fl oz), and Red Algae Mask (1.7 fl oz)


How it works


Ocean Cleansing Mudd has trace element-rich seaweeds, regulating excess oil production while natural fruit acids and Tea Tree Oil promote a healthy pH balance and improves skin's appearance.  Red Algae Mask blends Red Wine polyphenols, herbal extracts and a phosphoric diester of Vitamins E and C to hydrate, nourish and condition skin during treatment while targeting the cause of blemishes. Blemish Balm combines three seaweeds with a unique, healing blend of Cypress, Juniper, and Rosemary essential oils that detoxify, reduce inflammation, and regulate sebum production.  Essential Corrective Complex contains botanical oils that rapidly heal blemishes, regulate and calm sebaceous glands and prevent scarring. 



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Ocean Cleansing Mudd 
Red Algae Mask 
Blemish Balm 
Essential Corrective Complex 

How to Use


Use Daily. Massage Ocean Cleansing Mudd into damp skin. Skin may tingle. Rinse with warm water. Apply a thin film of Red Algae Mask to slightly damp skin. When mask is dry, gently remove with your hand or a warm wash cloth, moving in circular patterns. Pat skin dry and apply Blemish Balm. Follow with Corrective Complex as a spot treatment for blemishes.

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