Anti-Aging Deluxe Set

Anti-Aging Deluxe Set

The Ultimate Set of OSEA's Most Advanced Anti-Aging Products For Your Face and Body

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SKIN TYPES: Mature, Sensitive, Dry.

A beautifying and complete home spa treatment, this comprehensive set of the highest quality OSEA products will evoke your youngest self from head to toe. It includes the most effective anti-aging, exfoliating, moisturizing, and revitalizing products for the face and body.

Facial Treatment
Ocean Cleansing Milk (6 fl oz), Sea Vitamin Boost (4 fl oz), Atmosphere Protection Cream (2 fl oz), Advanced Protection Cream (2 fl oz), Eye Gel Serum (.6 fl oz), Undaria Argan Oil (1/3 fl oz), Essential Hydrating Oil (1/3 fl oz), White Algae Mask (1.7 fl oz)


Body Treatment
Anti-Aging Body Balm (6 fl oz), Undaria Algae Oil (6 fl oz)


How it works


The Face


Made with Water Lilly Extract and DPHP, OSEA's fragrance-free Ocean Cleansing Milk restores skin elasticity and reduces inflammation.  Sea Vitamin Boost delivers immediate hydration to dry, sun-damaged or aging skin.  Emollient, light and silky, Atmosphere Protection Cream contains Vitamins A & E to strengthen collagen and elastic fibers.  Advanced Protection Cream's main ingredient, DPHP, is more effective than Vitamin C in tightening and toning tissue.  Eye Gel Serum contains Resveratrol, Gigartina algae, mega-peptide chronoline, and potent marine-based extracts that tighten and soothe the delicate under-eye area.  Undaria Argan Oil revitalizes skin’s lipid barrier, and has been shown to prevent UVB-induced wrinkles and photo-aging.  Essential Hydrating Oil blends essential oils for advanced hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Calcium-rich White Algae Mask contains minerals to fight premature aging and extracts for anti-inflamation.


The Body

Anti-Aging Body Balm contains Omega fatty acids, sea minerals and antioxidants that deliver concentrated cell repair and improve the skin's elasticity, while peptides fight signs of aging and botanical oils nourish dry skin.  Undaria Algae Oil is absorbed easily by the skin and contains sea minerals rich in B vitamins, omega fatty acids, and Vitamins A, C, and E to firm, hydrate, and restore a healthy glow.


How to Use


Facial Treatment

Twice daily, gently cleanse your face with Ocean Cleansing Milk followed by a spritz or two of Sea Vitamins. Hydrate in the morning with Atmosphere Protection Cream and Advanced Protection Cream at night. Apply thin film of Eye Gel Serum under your eyes to tighten and firm. Use Essential Hydrating Oil as spot treatment for dry areas, and Undaria Argan Oil for lines and wrinkles. Apply White Algae Mask to moist skin for deep purification and exfoliation 3 times weekly.

Body Treatment

After shower, massage Anti-Aging Body Balm to your entire body for lustrous glow. After sun-exposure, moisturize and hydrate with Undaria Algae Oil.

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