Marine algae (seaweed) are plants of the sea. OSEA's seaweed is certified USDA organic and hand harvested in Patagonia at the confluence of the southward-flowing Brazil current and the Antarctic Circumpolar current. These dynamic waters generate one of the most energetic regions of the world ocean. Their constantly shifting extremes of sea surface temperature help produce the world's most mineral-rich, nutrient-dense algae.


OSEA ensures eco-responsible harvesting of all of its seaweed from some of the most pristine waters in the world.



Once harvested, our seaweed is carefully sun-dried on special drying beds.


How We Discovered This Incredible Source


Jenefer Palmer: “I was on a business trip to Buenos Aires and was staying at a great little boutique hotel that had a spa. I was pretty jet-lagged and decided to head over to the spa where I ended up soaking in a fresh algae bath. It was more than amazing! Not only was my skin was glowing but I couldn’t believe how recharged I felt. I headed back upstairs to get ready for dinner and ended up staying out until the early morning hours.


I had to find out more about that algae, and became obsessed with tracking it back to its source. I learned it was of the Gigartina species, renowned for having really high vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and enzyme content. I knew I had to go!


I headed down to Patagonia, a 2,000 mile journey south from Buenos Aires. Patagonia encompases Tierra del Fuego, literally the southernmost inhabited tip of the southern hemisphere. When I got there I realized that there are more penguins than people! There was also an abundance of sea lions who thrived on the desolate beaches and in the incredibly pure coastal waters. I could sense the purity of this environment. There was such peace and quiet there, it was breath-taking. A local family showed me where I could find the most rich sources of Gigartina and I learned how to harvest it along with Undaria algae The moment I pulled my first harvest of seaweed directly from the waters, I knew I had found the key ingredient around which my natural skincare line would be based. To this day, I love to be there on the Patagonian shores when we hand-harvest our Gigartina seaweed directly from those waters.”