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3 Ways to Get a Flawless Post-Workout Glow

The start of 2018 comes New Year’s resolutions, and maybe some of those goals include hitting the gym on a more regular basis. But no matter if you’ve been a gym rat for years, or if it’s part of a new year, new you, it’s so important to take care of your skin!

A trip to the gym can lead to rosy, flushed cheeks, and sweating can also cause grime to build up and get trapped in the skin, leading to breakouts. Here are some simple tips so you can work out while protecting your gorgeous, radiant complexion.  


Start with a cleansed face. Gently remove makeup and surface debris without stripping skin. We recommend our Ocean Cleansing Milk for more sensitive skin, Ocean Cleanser for normal/combination skin or Ocean Cleansing Mudd for blemish-prone skin. Now you’re ready to sweat!


End with a fresh face. Wash your face again immediately following your workout to remove sweat and avoid clogged pores. We recommend a gentle cleanser, such as Ocean Cleansing Milk.

Replenish Moisture. Your body loses water during your workout, so it’s important to rehydrate both inside and out. Follow your facial cleanse with a refreshing instant surge of moisture with a mist such mineral-rich Sea Minerals Mist or calming antioxidant-rich Sea Vitamin Boost. Finish with ultra-silky Atmosphere Protection Cream to hydrate and protect against environmental pollution for normal/dry skin. For more blemish-prone skin, use Blemish Balm to soothe and hydrate.

You worked hard. Now enjoy the glow!

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