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“Ageless Beauty Secrets” OSEA Founder Jenefer Palmer Turns 60

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Ageless Beauty SecretsWhen I started my journey to formulate OSEA almost 30 years ago, my mission was to create health-conscious natural skincare for women everywhere, but let’s be honest–the first woman’s skin I was looking to take care of was my own. I wanted my skincare to be safe, easy and just one more extension of my active, healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

In the decades since this adventure began, I have learned so much about skin and how we age from my own journey and from the stories you have shared with me!

Today I’m celebrating 60 years on this wonderful planet of ours.

As the founder of a skincare company, people assume my products keep me looking young and making healthy choices for my skin is a big part of that. But you as OSEA users already have that part down!

There are many other practices that keep me feeling vital and healthy. I wanted to take a moment to share some of my other ageless beauty secrets with you in the hopes that you will reach out to me on social @oseamalibu #agelessbeauty and let me know what your ageless beauty secrets are!


– Protect your skin from the sun by wearing a hat, sunglasses, long sleeves.

– Use essential oils and moisturizer on your skin daily.

– Get your Beauty Sleep (this means at least 7 to 8 hours nightly).

– To achieve a good quality sleep, try to leave your computers and other electronics out of your bedroom (I know this is a challenge for many of us but this helps to make your bedroom a peaceful retreat).

– Eat home cooked food as much as possible & eat your meals slowly and, if possible, with family and friends.

– Love vegetables. And if you don’t love them–pretend to love them until you love them. Eat a variety, try to eat different colors of veggies with every meal so that you are supporting your skin’s health from the inside out!

– Make water your primary beverage.

– Be kind to others. Give people small compliments daily and their smile will lift your spirit. Also, don’t forget to be kind to yourself!

– Have friends of all ages: they will show you different types of beauty in the world.

– And, finally, never feel too old to take chances and live in the moment. Bathe in the Sea of Life!

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