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Capella Pedregal and Luna y Mar Spa Offers Guests a Mix of Baja Culture & Holistic Healing from the Sea

Capella PedregalCapella Pedrgal a luxury resort tucked between rock and sea in gorgeous Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, redefines what it means to “get away from it all.”

That’s because the resort is only accessible via a 300 meter-long tunnel carved through the heart of a mountain separating the town of Cabo from the Pacific Ocean. This dramatic entrance to Capella Pedregal makes it all the more easy to leave everything (including that last unanswered email) behind.

Of course, we at OSEA feel like no trip to paradise is complete without a spa treatment to transport your mind, relax your body and nourish your skin. At the heart of of Capella Pedregal Resort is Luna y Mar Spa, an inviting ocean-front oasis complete with private lounges, wet area grottos, lavish couples’ suite, sauna and steam rooms, and an outdoor spa pool. The spa’s philosophy is a blend of the natural healingCapellaPedregal5 culture of Baja and the therapeutic effects of the Sea. Guests are invited to begin their spa experience at Auriga Spa with their signature welcome foot-cleansing ritual to cleanse and prepare your entire body for your spa journey.

Choosing just one spa treatment of off Capella Pedregals’ extensive Luna y Mar menu may be difficult. Luna y Mar Spa’s selection of holistic treatments include a Seaweed Body Scrub, a Sun-Worshipper Body Mask and a 120-minute Healing Ocean Cocoon: a luxurious three-tiered treatment designed to release stress and reduce water retention throughout the body.

Like all OSEA Products, the OSEA treatments on Capella Pedregal’s Luna y Mar Spa Menu are nutrient-rich formulations loaded with minerals, antioxidants, and skin superfoods such as Undaria and Gigartina Algae that will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated. We believe that there is no better setting for soaking in all of the vital nutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids of our proprietary seaweed baths than with the sound of the ocean nearby and the promise of another night in paradise to look forward to.

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All Images Courtesy of Capella Pedregal ‘s Instagram Gallery (@capellapedregal) 

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