OSEA x SeaTrees: Shop to Save Our Oceans

OSEA x SeaTrees: Shop to Save Our Oceans

To honor the ocean, our source and deepest inspiration, this month we are donating 10% of all sales of our upgraded Hyaluronic Sea Serum to the non-profit, SeaTrees. Your purchase will support this organization’s incredible work in helping to restore the kelp forest at White Point, in Palos Verdes, California. Donation dates are February 10th through March 10th, 2022. We hope you’ll join us!


Save the Kelp Forest

Kelp ecosystems in California are in a state of crisis. In some parts of the state, more than 90% of kelp forests have disappeared in the last 10 years. Caused by the proliferation of purple sea urchins, as their predators disappear from human impacts and climate change.

Clearing "urchin barrens" allows rapidly growing kelp to regrow and re-establish into a healthy kelp forest - creating habitat for marine life and sequestering carbon emissions.

The latest science shows that globally, kelp forests can sequester more carbon than mangrove forests - restoring these sequoias of the sea is critical to solving climate change.

All About SeaTrees

The ocean contains 90% of the carbon in the global carbon cycle. It's super power is to sequester more CO2 than any other ecosystem on Earth. But it needs our help to be more heroic and effective.

SeaTrees creates connections between people and brands that are ready to meet this challenge, and the social entrepreneurs and scientists who know how to regenerate ecosystems but struggle for funding and recognition. Together, with SeaTrees, we can work to restore coastal blue-carbon ecosystems and suck carbon out of the atmosphere.