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DIY Holiday Spa Treatments: OSEA At Home & At One Ocean Resort & Spa

 One Ocean Spa and ResortThere’s no better way to relax during the holiday season than with a great spa treatment at One Ocean Spa and Resort!

Spa treatments are a great way to deal with stress and seasonal skin concerns due to the change in weather. They are also, of course, a great gift to get someone who you want to treat! Florida’s News 4 Jax just aired a segment on OSEA Spa Treatments featuring Beverly Fox-Crismond and Traci Wood, Spa Director and Esthetician at One Ocean Spa and Resort on how to give yourself a winter spa treatment at home!

Beverly and Traci’s Sea & Sand Winter Glow At-Home Treatment starts with Undaria Body Polish: 

“We use an Undaria Body Polish which has pumice for exfoliation and two different types of organic seaweed for hydration.” (Traci Wood)

Traci recommends applying this to your skin and buffing off with a towel for maximum exfoliation. She suggests following this with Anti-Aging Body Balm which features a tropical blend of coconut and babassu oils.

Aside from lavishing yourself with some organic, vegan, anti-aging TLC at home, Beverly explains why spa treatments make such great holiday gifts:

“It’s something that [people] just don’t buy for themselves so when somebody else gives it to them, it makes it something special. Most people will look at it as a luxury but once they come in and get that experience and that relaxation it makes them think, Why was I waiting so long to do this?!”

The Spa at One Ocean is the only ocean-front spa in Northeast Florida and offers guests sea views, ocean breeze and the calming sound of the crashing waves while they are receiving their treatments. Book your unforgettable spa experience at One Ocean Resort & Spa Here>

Watch the Full News 4 Jax Video Here>

One Ocean OSEA Holiday Spa Treatments News4 Jax

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