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Give Back & Glow for Earth Day

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” - Rumi

This post is about dirt. Are you with us? Good! Because dirt is actually incredibly fascinating. Beyond being the layer of earth where our food grows, soil has a unique responsibility in our ecosystem as a critical part of the carbon cycle.

Just in case you don’t remember lessons from your 6th grade science class, the carbon cycle goes a little like this:

Carbon is a component of all living organisms and is found in all major building blocks of life on earth. In the atmosphere, it’s found attached to oxygen as a gas in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2). Plants then take CO2 and sunlight to feed themselves and grow. Eventually, plants and animals decay and carbon is then stored in our surroundings -- soil, oceans, forests, and geological formations. Sometimes humans take those fossil fuels, like oil and coal, burn them, and then the carbon is reintroduced into the atmosphere as CO2. And the circle game continues.

However, humans have been spewing too much CO2 into our atmosphere, playing with the balance of this natural cycle. According to the Ecological Society of America, over the past 150 years the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has increased by 30%.

Temperatures and oceans are rising -- it’s an inconvenient truth that we’d be remiss not to mention on Earth Day. But, Mother Nature might also have a cure. (Hint: it’s under your feet!)

As we mentioned before, soil has this miraculous ability to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. So, we can reduce atmospheric carbon simply by using farming methods that put carbon back in the ground. As an added benefit, more carbon in the ground also means an enhancement in agricultural production, healthier food, cleaner water, increased drought resistance, and restored habitats.

Sound easy, right? It is! But changing our man-made that’s a different story.

That’s where our new favorite organization Kiss the Ground comes in. Kiss the Ground’s mission is to inspire participation in the global movement to restore soils. Through education and working directly with farmers and industry leaders to support healthy soils in our food supply chain, this organization seeks to solve the greatest challenge of our time -- climate change.

To support this incredible cause and give back to our earth which gives us so much, we at OSEA created a Glow for Good Set which includes some of our favorite products -- our Atmosphere Protection Cream, Sea Minerals Mist, and Ocean Cleanser. The best part: all profits from your purchase of the Glow for Good Set will be donated to Kiss the Ground.

Happy Earth Day! We hope you glow while doing a little good. If you want to get involved with Kiss the Ground, become a member HERE!

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