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How To Naturally Clear Your Skin Without Harsh Chemicals

osea malibu review natural acne clear skin treatmentTaking care of combination-oily skin can be tricky because there are usually several skin concerns that require treatment. Concerns frequently associated with combination-oily skin include excess oil, redness, large pores and blemishes, so it is essential to find a skincare regimen that targets all of these to effectively improve your skin’s health and appearance.

In her latest video, trendspotter Maddy McHugh shares her natural skincare regimen from OSEA that she used to clear her combination-oily skin. Maddy made a decision recently to only use personal care products that are cruelty-free. But when she found OSEA she was pleasantly surprised to learn that our entire line is also safe and non-toxic, meaning we do not include any of the common skincare ingredients that may be irritating to your skin, unsafe for your body or damaging to the environment. (You can see a list of What’s Not In Our Products here.)

Watch Maddy’s video below to see how she cleared her skin naturally without using harsh chemicals. And if you’d like to try the products Maddy is using, check out our Combo-Oily Shopping List below!

My New Natural Skincare Routine & How I Cleared My Skin

Get the products Maddy used to clear her skin naturally:

Maddy McQ1. Ocean Cleanser – this refreshing, oil-balancing daily cleanser sweeps away impurities and dead skin cells and gently removes makeup. Cypress, Juniper & Lime give this cleanser its refreshing scent. Buy Now>

2. Sea Minerals Mist – this spray deeply hydrates and visibly reduces redness, tightness and inflammation. Aloe, Dead Sea Salt & Neem give irritated skin a one-two punch. Buy Now>

3. Essential Corrective Complex – this super-natural spot-treatment rapidly heals blemishes, regulates and calms sebaceous glands and prevents scarring. Powered by Tea Tree and White Thyme, it is also super effective at treating razor burn and bug bites, aka, keep this roller on you at all times! Buy Now>

4. Blemish Balm – this award-winning, ultra-light moisturizer heals blemishes and hydrates skin without clogging pores. It also reduces inflammation and helps to prevent breakouts without harsh chemicals. Organic Algae and powerhouse botanicals like Rosemary and Cypress make your skin feel extra super clean! Buy Now>

5. Atmosphere Protection Cream – this lightweight moisturizer can be layered on top of Blemish Balm or used on its own to hydrate skin and provide the perfect matte base for makeup. Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Buy Now>

6. Red Algae Mask – this purifying mask helps reduce inflammation and under-eye puffyiness while purifying pores, blanacing excess oil and boosting your skin’s radiance. It’s like pushing the re-set button on tired skin. Buy Now>

If your skin is acneic or especially blemish-prone, we recommend OSEA’s Acne Reflief Essentials: a complete skincare regimen designed to balance excess oil, calm sebaceous glands, reduce redness and inflammation, and help to prevent scarring.


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