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How to Relax This Holiday Season

Finding time to relax during the holidays is like asking to find a needle in a haystack. But, thankfully, with just a little bit of help, we can all take advantage of those small moments throughout the day to care for ourselves.

In need of inspiration? Look no further! We developed our pocket-sized Relaxation Fortune Teller to help give you a boost of selfcare at any moment.

Complimentary in every order this holiday season, simply follow the instructions & video below and fold your Fortune Teller. Once it's folded you're good to go!

Play alone or play with a friend and revel in the moment. You deserve it.

How to Fold Your Fortune Teller

Step 1 – Fold your Fortune Teller in half both vertically and horizontally.

Step 2 – With the design side facing away from you, fold each corner towards the center. When done correctly, all four elements should be facing back to you.

Step 3 – Keeping the corners folded, flip the Fortune Teller so that the internal tips are facing you. Fold the corners toward the center once again.

Step 4 – Keeping all the folds in tact, fit your fingers through the back side of the elements and push all four corners in towards the middle. What you should be left with is a 3-dimensional piece that resembles a diamond.

Step 5 – Enjoy!

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