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March 31, 2020
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Jessica Biel Shares Her Beauty Secret: Advanced Protection Cream

jessica biel#yourewelcome


We are thrilled to say that long time OSEA fan Jessica Biel @jessicabiel recently posted a shoutout to OSEA on her instagram. The post features OSEA’s Advanced Protection Cream, one of Ms. Biel’s favorite products in the line. The actress loves OSEA so much she has her orders shipped to Justin’s upcoming tour destinations to make sure she is always well stocked! We’re excited that rave reviews of Advanced Protection Cream are making the rounds. #thankyoujessica

How it Works:

Advanced Protection Cream works so well because the third ingredient is DPHP (otherwise known as Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline), which has been proven to be more effective than Vitamin C at stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers in the skin and inhibiting free radicals.

Hydroxyproline is a natural amino acid essential for skin collagen synthesis. DPHP is created by grafting palmitic acid (a fatty acid that easily penetrates the skin) onto hydroxyproline to create a plant-derived biological vehicle for hydroxyproline.

With its long-lasting moisturizing and firming action, DPHP resculpts and tones the skin, corrects imperfections and delays the appearance of wrinkles by protecting the fibers of the dermis. Simply put: DPHP is your skin’s new best friend.

What other anti-aging cream under $100 lists its most active ingredient as the third ingredient in the formulation? Check your labels!

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