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Lightweight Vegan Moisturizers for Flawless Summer Skin

lightweight vegan moisturizerLooking for a lightweight vegan moisturizer? Summer is almost here. And, if you’re like me and have combination/blemish-prone skin that doesn’t tolerate heavy creams, it can quickly become a cruel summer for your pores! When I apply sunscreen I feel like my face instantly becomes a magnet for dirt, pollen, sand, dust, grit and grime. The last thing I want to do is apply a moisturizer.

But there is no getting around the fact that moisturizing is an essential part of long-term skincare. Not only do moisturizers have anti-aging benefits, they actively protect your skin from free-radical and environmental damage while replenishing essential nutrients and boosting elasticity. Lightweight moisturizers loaded with healing botanicals like OSEA’s Blemish Balm alsohelp balance your oil production and decrease oily sheen. After a year of using not one-but two (!!)- OSEA moisturizers religiously I can safely say two things:

1. My skin has never looked or felt better

2. I will never stop using them!

Here’s the rundown on OSEA’s best-selling lightweight moisturizers which are the perfect addition to your summer skincare regiment.

My #1 Summer Skincare Secret…Finding The Perfect Lightweight Vegan Moisturizer for Your Skin!

Before you leave on your summer travels, or head to the beach, be sure to get yourself an excellent moisturizer with a lighter texture for the warmer weather.

Try one (or both!) of OSEA’s two lightest moisturizers that replenish and balance your skin without giving you an oily sheen or clogging your pores.

Vegan MoisturizerLIGHTWEIGHT: Atmosphere Protection Cream

Recommended for: Normal, Dry and Combination Skin Types

What it does: Boosts elasticity, prevents signs of aging and leaves a matte, silky finish.

Why I love it: I apply APC once to twice a day but always in the morning since it offers amazing barrier protection against environmental damage (Please note, it’s not an SPF!). It actually gives me a cooling sensation when applied and makes my skin silky smooth and perfectly prepped for makeup application. I love the scent and the experience of applying this product is so luxurious that I leave my bathroom feeling like I just spent an hour at one of the world’s top spas. Shop Now >

Vegan MoisurizerULTRA LIGHT: Blemish Balm

Recommended for: Oily, Blemish-Prone and Combination Skin Types

What it does: Cools, balances excess oil, heals blemishes and reduces oily shine.

Why I love it: this is hands-down the most healing product I have ever used on my skin. I instantly feel it calming congested pores, redness and blemishes on contact. It also helps lift black heads out of my skin. I love how fresh and incredibly clean it makes my combination-oily skin feel. I can no longer be without it! Shop Now >


Happy Summer Skincare!

Rebecca Kaye, Brand Manager & Glow-Getter

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