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March 31, 2020
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Natural Skincare for Men: Top Products to Scrub up like a Sir!

skincareGrowing up, I was surrounded by men who loved skincare.  My brother David still raves about Ocean Cleansing Mudd and Red Algae Mask for the way they make his face feel so clean and fresh and my Father to this day stashes an Essential Hydrating Oil in his pocket or in his car.

Although men’s skin is less sensitive to facial cleansers and moisturizers than women’s, proper skincare is important to prevent acne, combat signs of aging, and keep  skin smooth and clear–especially after shaving.

Men, we know that you like to keep it simple.  So here’s a selection of all natural multi-tasking OSEA skincare products that are gentle enough for dry or freshly-shaven skin and tough enough to blast away dirt and grime!



osea-ocean-cleansing-mudd-r1Ocean Cleansing Mudd

The perfect pre-shave face wash.  If you also have extra oily skin and experience acne, this cleanser is for you!  It exfoliates and deep cleans pores, while soothing and preventing breakouts and ingrown hairs.  “Men love it because it has a masculine smell, and makes their skin feel invigorated and clean”, says OSEA esthetician Matthew Miller.  PRO TIP: Matt  recommends using MUDD as a shaving cream!





Blemish Balm

This daily moisturizer is the perfect natural alternative to aftershave.  It has antibacterial properties, balances oil production, heals blemishes, prevents ingrown hairs, reduces inflammation and hydrates without clogging. Men love it for its natural scent and its ultra lightweight texture.




osea-essential-hydrating-oil-r1_1Essential Hydrating Oil

My Daddy’s favorite!  He loves to keep his Essential Hydrating Oil on him at all times to use as a lip moisturizer, or on his temples when he needs a little dose of aromatherapy on a busy day. Essential Hydrating Oil works well as a targeted hydrating treatment that restores a healthy luster to tired skin.





Eosea-essential-corrective-complex-r1_1ssential Corrective Complex

The best natural spot treatment for blemishes you will ever come across!  Apply this potent roll-on directly to blemishes and ingrown hairs and you’ll feel the proprietary blend of White Thyme, Tea Tree and Juniper go to work.  Also great for bug bites in summer!




osea-red-algae-mask-r1_1Red Algae Mask

aka our “Detox Mask”, is an incredible treatment for breakouts, to reduce inflammation and under-eye puffiness. The perfect recovery from a weekend of excess.  It deep cleans the pores, helps heal breakouts and ingrown hairs, and prevents signs of aging!




osea-black-algae-mask-r1Black Algae Mask

This exfoliating mask is the perfect time saver – it sloughs away dead skin and freshens the skin at the same time!


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