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March 31, 2020
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Q & A with Beauty Heroes Founder Jeannie Jarnot

We're so excited to be featured in the Beauty Heroes May 2018 Beauty Discovery Box! Subscribers will receive our Undaria Body Polish and Ocean Cleanser

From her obsession with green beauty, to her mantra of Use Less, Love more, Beauty Heroes founder, Jeannie Jarnot shares the inside scoop on her amazing company. 

What was the inspiration behind founding Beauty Heroes?

My inspiration was three-fold. First and foremost, as a Spa Director, who looked at ingredient lists daily, I felt very confused by ingredients. I was so frustrated by how hard it was to truly understand the ingredients on a label, that I was inspired to somehow simplify ingredient information and vetting skin and body care products.  Second, I was struck by how many people came into my spa feeling overwhelmed by how many products they had in their bathrooms. The way I would talk to our customers about product was to educate and slow down how they added products into their routine. And third, I was deeply inspired by some of the smaller, lesser known at the time, green beauty brands that I was working with.  I wanted to create a way to showcase some of the amazing work that was being done in the beauty industry by people who genuinely cared about health, sustainability and product performance. All of that inspiration led to what Beauty Heroes is today; a service that slows down beauty discovery, delivering the very best in healthy beauty one Hero product at a time.

Tell us a little bit about what sets Beauty Heroes apart from other clean beauty services.

We really value slowing down beauty over-consumption.  Our mantra is Use Less. Love More.  I don’t think you can have a complete conversation about ‘green beauty’ without talking about how we consume products. I’ve found that when we understand what we put on our skin and bodies – the ingredients, the makers and everything in between – I’ve found that we have a different experience with our products, we love them more.  So our goal is to slow things down a little bit, so you can focus on one brand, one product at a time, and really connect to what you are using, see if it works for you, and then make a conscious decision. Ultimately, we feel that leads to using less.

That is why we focus on full size Hero product, plus a sidekick or supporting product, and in-depth education about them. Our customers value less, but better – and value luxury as quality over quantity.  

We are so excited to collaborate with Beauty Heroes. What makes OSEA a Beauty Hero-worthy? What drew you to our products?

First and foremost I am drawn to the quality of the seaweed that OSEA sources, the purest in the world. Growing up in Hawaii, spending every day in the ocean, I really believe in the benefits of sea minerals. Minerals are so essential to skin and body health, helping support our bodies function optimally on their own.  Second, I really appreciate Jenefer as a Founder. She was so ahead of her time when she started OSEA in the mid-90’s. She has a spa background, like I do, and I really appreciate that OSEA was one of the first, if not the first, clean beauty brand to enter the spa industry. Third, your commitment to the environment, giving back to causes that help protect our oceans. Beauty Heroes contributes a portion of our sales to 5 Gyres, so we really align with OSEA on this issue. We are excited to welcome new members to Beauty Heroes this month as we feature OSEA’s Hero product, Undaria Body Polish, and sidekick Ocean Cleanser as our May 2018 Beauty Discovery.  

There are so many incredible natural beauty brands out there. How do decide which brands to feature?

It’s only getting harder and harder as the clean beauty space gets more crowded.  I need to feel inspired by a brand, but even then, the space has become so crowded that I can’t feature all the brands that inspire me. So, I look for Hero products that are unique and will deliver a unique experience for the Beauty Heroes customer.  

Is sustainability and sustainable packaging an important part of the vetting process?

It is, and it’s becoming increasingly important as we evolve as an industry. If our mission is to help our customers – Use Less. Love More. – that extends to packaging. We pay a lot of attention to our own packaging, making sure we do our very best to use completely compostable or recyclable packaging, and as little of it as possible. It would be hard for us to feature a product or brand that has a lot of extraneous, useless and wasteful packaging.  That being said, the look and feel of packaging is important, I would never say that it isn’t. Fortunately, there are more stylish, sustainable options becoming available. I really appreciate what OSEA has done with your packaging, having to be beautiful and sustainable – and foregoing boxes. A lot of brands struggle with that, and I think OSEA’s nailed it.

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