Shopping Bag Includes OSEA in 7 Marine-Based Lines That Will Change Your Skin
Source: recommends OSEA’s Vitamin Sea Serum.

We always love rave reviews about our products but what we love even more is when someone else geeks out as hard as we do about the incredible healing, nourishing and anti-aging properties of seaweed.’s Dawn Davis really did her research about the benefits of seaweed when she penned their list of 7 Marine-Based Lines That Will Change Your Skin. She writes:

“Next time you find yourself annoyed by slimy seaweed at the beach, consider this: Swimming in it may actually do fantastic things for your skin.

New research validates what some cultures have believed for thousands of years:


Ocean plants have anti-aging benefits — whether you apply them topically or eat them for dinner. And it’s not just about wrinkles. In the study titled, “Beneficial Effects of Marine Algal Compounds in Cosmeceuticals,” scientists Se-Kwon Kim and Noel Vinay Thomas at the Pukyong National University in Korea explain that marine plants also have anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer properties. ”

It’s wonderful to see such fantastic, well-researched praise of one of OSEA’s key ingredients come from a site that specializes in unbiased reviews of all things cosmetic.

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