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What Exactly Is Multi-Masking – And Should You Be Doing It?

What Exactly Is Multi-Masking – And Should You Be Doing It?

What Is Multi-Masking?

It turns out that very few of us actually have consistently “normal” skin. Our T-zone tends to be more oily, our cheeks may be on the dry side, or we may be struggling with patches of dullness in desperate need of exfoliation. Our skin type can also fluctuate depending on factors such as hormones, climate and age. Multi-masking is the ritual of using two or more masks on different areas of your skin to target multiple concerns at once. Since it’s such a potent treatment with so many active ingredients, it should only be done about once or twice a week, max. Ready to play mixologist on your face? Read on.

Tailor Your Treatment

The key to multi-masking is to customize your masks and apply wherever they are needed most. Here are our favorite hacks for maximizing your masks.

Step 1

Choose a Gentle Cleanser

Start with a clean face. Since multi-masking involves powerful active ingredients, we recommend that you use a gentle cleanser to prime your canvas.

Creamy & soothing

Step 2


Our Vitamin C Enzyme Polish delivers the benefits of both physical and chemical exfoliation in just one step. It uses fermented pomegranate enzymes and ultra-fine rice powder to instantly sweep away dead skin cells and even texture. This exfoliator starts out as a powder and transforms to a magical creamy paste when you activate it with water. Plus, it’s densely packed with 50% vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid for brighter-looking skin.

Radiance booster

Vitamin C Enzyme Polish
powdered exfoliator

Step 3

Mask Away Impurities

After you’ve removed your exfoliating treatment, you’re ready to decongest with a purifying clay mask. Our Red Algae Clarifying Mask uses three red seaweeds, plus bentonite clay to draw out impurities and remove excess oils, without stripping. If you have oily or blemish-prone skin, you’ll want to apply your mask all over. If you have combination skin, or just want to keep mixing and matching, apply a clay mask only to your T-zone – your forehead, nose and chin! Let sit for 10-20 minutes.

Congested skin detox

Step 4

Brighten Up & Hydrate

Your skin is polished, your pores purified and now it’s time for a layer of brightening hydration. Reach for a mask with humectants in it like Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration as well as natural brightening agents. Our choice: White Algae Mask, perfect for all skin types. While Red Algae Mask does its thing, apply White Algae Mask to thirsty areas of skin, like your cheeks and forehead for a burst of hydrating glow.

Mask to brighten, visibly plump, & nourish skin

Step 5

Rinse Clean

After 10-20 minutes, remove your two remaining masks with warm water. Pat dry with a soft cloth and follow with your favorite mist, serum and moisturizer. Your skin should be dewy and fresh feeling, and now you might just have a valid excuse to keep two, three or (gasp!) even four masks in your weekly rotation.

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