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A non-toxic line of luxe vegan and cruelty-free skin and body care.

Redness Calming Set

10 reviews

Blemish Prone Essentials

80 reviews

Simple Skin Care Set

21 reviews

Natural Luster Set

4 reviews

Total Re-Set

1 review

Firming Eye Set

20 reviews

Advanced Protection Cream

269 reviews

Brightening Boost

19 reviews

Age Defier

11 reviews

Hyaluronic Sea Serum

183 reviews

Body Exfoliation Set

15 reviews

Undaria Body Soft Set

21 reviews

Anti-Aging Set

2 reviews

Vitamin C Probiotic Polish

89 reviews

Undaria Argan Oil

49 reviews

Bodycare Essentials Set

Blemish-Prone Set

1 review

Essential Hydrating Oil

156 reviews

Brightening Serum

92 reviews

Vitamin Sea Serum

92 reviews

Mineral Hydration Set

12 reviews

Eye & Lip Firming Cream

127 reviews

Eye Gel Serum

61 reviews

Daily Essentials Set

1 review

Ocean Cleansing Milk

265 reviews

Vagus Nerve Oil

39 reviews

Ocean Cleanser

480 reviews

Gigartina Therapy Bath

8 reviews

Undaria Algae Body Oil

312 reviews

Blemish Balm

298 reviews

Black Algae Flash Mask

60 reviews

Atmosphere Protection® Cream

422 reviews

White Algae Mask

112 reviews

Undaria Body Polish

28 reviews

Red Algae Mask

131 reviews

Ocean Cleansing Mudd

433 reviews

Anti-Aging Body Balm

198 reviews

Salts of the Earth Body Scrub

64 reviews

V Cleanse

5 reviews

Anti-Aging Hand Cream

24 reviews

Ocean Lotion

95 reviews

Undaria Argan Oil

49 reviews

Sea Vitamin Boost

236 reviews

Sea Minerals Mist

185 reviews

Essential Hydrating Oil

156 reviews

OSEA for Parachute Purifying Hand Soap

1 review

Gua Sha Sculptor

12 reviews

Essential Corrective Complex

160 reviews

Plant-Based Body Brush

6 reviews

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