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You can’t be sure of much in life, but after 22 years of incredible results we’re sure of this: OSEA works.

Try our products risk-free with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Development - Press

"I can vouch for how powerful and gentle these cleansers are—after incorporating a milky face wash into my regular routine, skin is happy and a far cry from being stripped and inflamed."

Well Good

"This luxurious, spa-worthy body polish smells earthy and rich. Consider it to be the Goldilocks of scrubs: not too thick, not too thin; not too abrasive, not too mild. It's just right."


"Truly, it's your bathtub's better half."


"As luxurious as La Mer, but a fraction of the price."

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Organic Authority

"OSEA’s obsession with the sea –and products that work–definitely made a splash in my routine."

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"OSEA — an organic luxury skincare brand hailing from Malibu, California — is a name to add to your Top Shelfie ASAP."

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"Hand-harvested from the shores of Patagonia’s El Fin del Mundo region, the seaweed in Osea’s organic skincare products is as pure as it gets."

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Refinery 29

"This might just be your new go-to skin savior"

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"OSEA has been in the game for more than twenty years and counting, and hasn’t stopped making waves the whole time."

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