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Our Story

The Palmer Family

Founded by mother-daughter duo, Jenefer and Melissa Palmer, OSEA is a labor of love. The pair were inspired by grandmother Elsa Reuschle, the first female chiropractor in the US in 1928, who was known for her prowess as a healer, as well as her impeccable intuition and foresight. 

After an exacerbated injury crippled Elsa, she had a premonition that the sea would heal her. Assisted by her husband, they waded into the frigid waters of Long Island, NY and were astounded to witness her swift recovery in a few short weeks.

It seems natural then, that the women in the Palmer family inherited Elsa’s inquisitive curiosity and deep respect for the environment. Since founding OSEA in 1996, the pair have pioneered a new approach to skincare – one that incorporates the lessons garnered from generations past, including the unequivocal healing benefits of seaweed. 

Today, OSEA is still family owned and run, celebrating that Palmer’s commitment to delivering safe, non-toxic skincare for decades to come.

Jenefer Palmer


OSEA began in Jenefer’s kitchen sink after a decade working as Spa Director at the historic Murrieta Hot Springs. Paired with her training in various healing modalities including Polarity Therapy, Acupressure, Shiatsu and Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy, Jenefer was a thought leader in the burgeoning wellness space. Her desire to create active, organic and non-toxic skincare was revolutionary and what began as a personal passion soon evolved into a fully fledged beauty brand, manifesting the seed of her idea into reality.

Melissa Palmer


Undoubtedly her mother’s daughter, Melissa acquired Jenefer’s appetite for innovation at a young age. As a passionate entrepreneur and marketer, she started her career by creating and helming e-commerce strategy for a host of brands in the wellness sector. Before becoming OSEA’s CEO, she also launched and grew her own women’s fitness empire, expanding into European and Asian markets, which is where she developed her expertise as a master community builder and digital marketing savant. Today, her proudest accomplishment is the evolution of OSEA from small family business to a global leader in the luxury, non-toxic skincare sphere.