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A Conversation with Artist Jade Hirtle

A Conversation with Artist Jade Hirtle

Jade Hirtle is an Austin-based artist, entrepreneur and new mom to baby Beaux. Her works have been featured everywhere from Art Basel to Saint Barths. Now, Jade’s adding another credential to her very impressive list: serving up her bright, bold, and high-vibrational aesthetic on our limited-edition Undaria Algae Body Oil gift box. We’re so excited to kick off our Artist Series with this incredible visionary! So sit back, relax and get ready for the vibe shift.

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OSEA:. Jade, a warm welcome! Tell us a little bit about your artwork.

Jade: Thank you! I’m happy to be here. Every day we have these experiences with objects, people, and places that completely transcend language. My artwork aims to understand a reality beyond objectivity. It gives form and feeling to something that is invisible in ordinary life: energy. I believe energy is a universal language, and my artwork helps others feel understood and resonates on an intuitive level.

Jade Hirtle

OSEA: Where do you get your inspiration?

Jade: From nature, from amazing life experiences, and from mindfulness. And also the nature of my own consciousness. I’m interested in the power of consciousness, the concept of thoughts and feelings becoming reality. A lot of my artwork focuses on the inner world and its relationship to the world outside-a world developing much faster than ourselves.

OSEA: Tell us about all of these beautiful color gradients in your work.

Jade: So the color gradients are inspired by nature. My new series uses sky gradients that happen during sunrise and sunset. I feel like gradients in the natural world are the ones that we resonate with most, that we consider the most beautiful.

OSEA: Favorite medium?

Jade: I love using acrylic, plaster and sand. Most of the materials that I use are all natural. The latest material that I've been experimenting with is cement which gives 3D structure to the composition of my painting.

OSEA: Can you share more about the art piece featured on our limited-edition box?

Jade: It’s taken from a selection of my painting called, “Be Grounded.” It was inspired by my experience of the calming and powerful energies of the ocean. I grew up in Nova Scotia, in Canada, not far from the shore. I spent my childhood in a small town of less than 20,000 residents, and most days I would wake up and play in nature and swim in the waters. I felt strong vibrations coming from the ocean, which I never really knew how to describe until I started to translate these feelings through the lines of my painting. That’s how “Be Grounded” was born.

OSEA: We both share a passion for the ocean. What excites you most about this collaboration?

Jade: I’m excited to bring the form and feeling of the ocean to everyone via Undaria Algae Body Oil. I love that your body oil is infused with seaweed–it’s such a beautiful and high-vibrational experience in itself. I hope that my art will inspire a moment of self-care and a feeling of grounding.

OSEA: Speaking of self-care, you have absolutely incredible skin. What's your secret?

Jade: I get OSEA facials whenever I can at your Venice Skincare Studio and also love the spa at the Ojai Valley Inn. I exfoliate regularly and am obsessed with your Hyaluronic Sea Serum. I’m also all about Salts of the Earth Body Scrub for my body, and Undaria Algae Body Oil, of course. I use it religiously. I love skincare and the whole ritual of it. For me, it’s also very much about spending time with myself, which is so important, especially now that I have family. I’m very appreciative and grateful to slow down when I can.

OSEA: You’re a new mom (of the most beautiful little person)! Has becoming a parent influenced your art?

Jade: Yes, a hundred percent. Having a child has really changed my perspective. My six-month-old daughter is incredibly jovial and curious, adventurous and fearless. I look at her and feel like I’m experiencing the world anew through her eyes–as if for the first time. I have a newfound feeling of boldness to experiment in my art in ways that are brand new. Also, my nervous system has forever changed. As mothers, and protectors we are on high alert all of the time. There is a profound energetic shift that occurs when one becomes a parent. We aren't necessarily aware of it, but our nervous system is. I’ve really noticed these energetic changes in my body. And since my art seeks to capture vibrations, it’s shifted and evolved too.

OSEA: Speaking of vibe shifts, what was it like to go viral on TikTok?

Jade: I had a video that went viral–probably because I was poking fun at myself, and I think other artists could really relate. We (artists) have a tendency to take ourselves very seriously, and TikTok is the antithesis of that. It’s been a real journey. I’m learning to take my serious side out of the equation and just have fun.

OSEA: What’s next for you, Jade?

Jade: I’m really excited to be doing my first solo show in Austin, Texas at the end of this year.

OSEA: We’ll be there. What’s the best way to keep in touch?

Jade: You can follow me on Instagram and TikTok at @jade.isms and subscribe to my newsletter by visiting my website: for a list of upcoming shows, and events.

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