Soothing Flowers for Your Skin and Mood

Soothing Flowers for Your Skin and Mood

In Homeopathy and Naturopathic Medicine, flower remedies are thought to alleviate stress and increase feelings of wellbeing. OSEA uses both wild crafted flower extracts and floral essential oils in many of our products because of the functional benefits to the skin and the calming and uplifting effects they have on our mood.


Delicate petals soothe sensitive skin, promote sounder sleep, less stress and melt muscle tension.
Find it in: Vagus Nerve Oil and Undaria Argan Oil


Romantic blooms encourage feelings of serenity and soft, touchable skin.
Find it in: Anti-Aging Body Balm and Ocean Cleanser


Tender buds inspire self-love and stimulate the skin’s rejuvenation response.
Find it in: Essential Hydrating OilAtmosphere Protection Cream and Anti-Aging Body Balm

Rose Geranium

This heart-centered floral aromatherapy soothes and balances.
Find it in: V Cleanse


Sweet blossoms hydrate and tame tension so you can get a little extra shut-eye.
Find it in: Essential Hydrating OilGigartina Therapy Bath and Salts of the Earth Body Scrub