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A Guide to Skincare When Traveling

A Guide to Skincare When Traveling

The winter season brings exciting opportunities to travel and spend time with loved ones. However, your skin can take a beating during frigid temperatures, especially during long exposure to the outdoors. Not only is the winter season prime time for facial issues, such as dryness, flakiness, and redness, but it can also wreak havoc on the rest of the body.

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with effective winter skincare tips, no matter where you plan to travel this season, to ensure a hydrating and dewy complexion. Below are several tips to help you achieve a glowing look all season long.

5 Travel-Friendly Skincare Tips

1. Hydrate Your Body

The key to keeping skin moisturized throughout long travel days is to keep hydrated. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water when traveling to maintain fresh and moisturized skin in dry or stressful conditions.

If you are traveling by plane, maintaining adequate moisture can be a challenge. That is because airplane air conditioning uses around 20% humidity, while skin is typically exposed to humidity levels of 40 to 70%. This can contribute to the dull appearance skin may have after a long plane ride.

To combat dry and dull skin, try our travel-sized Sea Minerals Mist. It delivers a refreshing burst of hydration during long travel days. Our Atmosphere Protection Cream provides a lightweight dose of hydration for a quick boost and is clinically proven to instantly create a barrier against environmental pollutants.

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2. Use Ointment on Lips

Not only can skin suffer during long, cold travel days, but lips can also begin to look dull, chapped, and cracked when exposed to dry air. The best way to keep lips adequately hydrated and healthy as you travel is to apply a lip ointment that will ensure they stay moisturized throughout the day.

3. Apply Sunscreen

One of the most crucial winter travel skincare tips includes regularly applying sunscreen. The sun can still damage the skin, even during cloudy, rainy, and snowy days that are common during the winter. Since UV rays are present year-round, it’s best to apply sunscreen daily to combat the harmful effects of sun exposure, including developing dark spots. Keep sunscreen handy as you travel to apply regularly throughout the day.

4. Invest in Travel Skincare Products

It can be tempting to forgo your regular skincare routine in favor of packing lighter during your travels. Unfortunately, this may lead to breakouts, dry skin, or other unpleasant effects on the skin. In order to avoid irritating, heavily-scented hotel products that could block your pores, invest in travel-sized versions of your usual skincare products.

For a full-body experience, try OSEA’s Bestsellers Bodycare Set. From exfoliation to moisture, this set ensures that the skin on your body remains hydrated and nourished. Many of our products feature Undaria seaweed, a type of superfood that delivers rich vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the skin. We source our seaweed based on scientific data worldwide to ensure an eco-friendly experience.

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If you want to explore the benefits of Undaria, such as replenishing the skin’s moisture barrier, opt for OSEA’s Undaria Body Mini Heroes Set, which delivers a much-needed boost of hydration. It can also be beneficial to carry blemish-spot treatments like our Blemish Solutions to target acne as it arises during stressful travel situations.

5. Practice Self-Care

When navigating long flights or layovers, make sure to practice self-care. Finding time to relax during long travel days can help reduce the appearance of stress on the skin, including dullness.

For a serene experience, try our Vagus Nerve Oil. Simply massage this oil, which is fused with relaxing essential oils, to both sides of your neck in a circular motion, reaching up to behind your earlobes. This helps relax and prepare the body for a restful night. For a relaxing skincare routine, our Bestsellers Discovery Set is ideal for promoting a healthy glow and mimicking the effects of a good night’s sleep.

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Following winter travel skincare tips can not only help your skin look better, but it can also help you avoid discomfort as you venture out this holiday season. By paying extra attention to your skin’s health when traveling, you can look your best well into the new year and beyond.