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The Woolsey Fire: The End of an Era

The Woolsey Fire: The End of an Era

We evacuated Malibu on Friday and are happy to share that our family is safe and we are together. However, we are very sad to report that we’ve lost our family home in the Woolsey Fire. It was a magical little cottage where our parents were married, we grew up and where OSEA was born, our truest source of inspiration and our anchor. Up until 5 months ago it was also home to the main OSEA office. We are grateful beyond measure that our business is safe.

Our Mom has always told us that OSEA is taking us on a journey and we are simply meant to follow its path. This hasn’t always made sense but today it makes more sense than ever; we are certain the path is to now help our community.

Support California Fire Relief. 

100% of all profits from purchases on November 11 and November 12 will be used to support victims of the Woolsey fire.

We will be selecting organizations with the most impactful reach as needs become more clear and the smoke has settled.

We have been truly overwhelmed by the love and support we have received from our community this past weekend and awed by the bravery and courage of the firefighters and first responders. We hope that we can pass this support along.

With love and gratitude 💚
Jenefer, Melissa, Mary, Steve & David

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