Plant-based dry brush

Dare to Bare with Dry Brushing

Dry brushing uses a natural-bristle, sisal body brush in soft strokes on bare skin. We love our plant-based, organic Plant Based Body Brush for an eco-friendly option. Read on to discover the benefits of dry brushing.

What’s the best way to dry brush? We recommend brushing bare, dry skin, just before or after a shower is perfect. You can luxuriate in this ritual or move quickly for a 5-minute refresher. Check out our step-by-step guide below for more deets!

Step 1

Start at your feet.

Start with soft strokes on the bottom of one foot. Dry brushing shouldn't hurt, so easy on the pressure. With short strokes move to the top of the foot, and continue up the leg from ankle to thigh covering front and back. When you reach the hip, repeat on the other leg.

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Step 2

Brush upwards to stimulate the senses.

After covering both legs, brush upwards from the hips to the low back. Spend some time on the sacrum to invigorate the organs in the low back. Continue to brush up the back as far as you can comfortably reach.

Step 3

Belly to clavicle.

To help stimulate energy flow, brush gently upwards from the belly to the chest, then chest to clavicle.

Step 4

Wrist to shoulder.

Once you’ve reached the clavicle, pause for a mindful breath and pass the brush over fingers and the back of one hand for a few strokes. Brush the palm and move up the arm from wrist to shoulder covering front and back. When you reach the shoulder, repeat on the other arm.

Step 5

Complete with downward strokes.

To end your dry brushing ritual, gently brush downwards from the chin and jawline down the front of the neck towards the heart. Move to the back of the neck, brushing down from the hairline. Bonus: this is a great way to prep for gua sha if you want to extend your moment of self-care!

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Step 6

Replenish with moisture.

Your skin is smoothed and ready to receive hydration. Indulge in a three step moisturizing protocol to seal your practice of self-honoring. Allow our antioxidant rich Undaria Algae Oil to melt into freshly exfoliated skin. Follow with our mineral forward Anti-Aging Body Balm for a silky finish. Lock in the hydration with our nourishing Ocean Lotion and enjoy the glow.

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