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What’s the Difference Between All-Natural and Clean Skincare?

What’s the Difference Between All-Natural and Clean Skincare?

The products in your skincare routine are the first step in achieving healthy skin that looks and feels great. In your search for the perfect beauty products, you’ve likely seen a lot of “clean” and “all-natural” labels. Sometimes, they’re even used interchangeably—and the meaning can change between brands, which makes it hard to get a clear answer.

It’s normal to want to fully understand what ingredients are in the products you use, where they come from, and what they do. To begin to understand that, it’s important to define commonly used terminology. Below, we explore what it means for skincare products to be all-natural and clean.

What Is Natural Beauty?

Natural beauty products are made with ingredients sourced from nature. This can include plants, minerals, water, and oils like Shea butter and argan oil. With the rising interest in healthy products sourced from nature, the term has gained a lot of traction recently.

Even with an “all-natural” label, however, it’s not unusual to get a product with lab-made, synthetic ingredients. Just one natural component is enough to earn a skincare product the natural label.

What Is Clean Beauty?

When it comes to skincare, clean beauty focuses not only on the ingredients, but also where they come from and how they affect the environment. It’s a comprehensive approach to incorporating healthy, non-toxic products into your skincare routine. Clean skincare products avoid harsh chemicals like sulfates, but they might also use safe, gentle, and effective lab-made ingredients—as long as they’re non-toxic.

Like all-natural skincare, the definitions of clean can vary between brands. In general, they steer clear of toxins while using ingredients, extraction methods, or packaging that reduces environmental impact.

What Clean Means at OSEA

At OSEA, clean beauty has always been our focus. We only use safe, effective ingredients that nurture your skin. We keep clean, vegan, and cruelty-free practices at the forefront to create products with the best seaweeds nature has to offer. Best of all, our seaweeds are only sourced after receiving scientific data for the best experience. Our active ingredients are clinically tested and proven to deliver results.

OSEA stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere, and we take each of these natural elements to heart at every step of the process. Each and every product we use considers the health and well-being of you and our planet.

What We Put in Our Products

We proudly take inspiration from the ocean when formulating our products. Since seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, it’s an incredible ingredient that produces an array of benefits, including anti-aging and moisturization. Our bestsellers are prominently powered by seaweed, including the Undaria Algae™ Body Oil and the Hyaluronic Sea Serum.

For a full-body glow

Undaria Algae® Body Oil
Editor's Pick

Clinically proven anti-aging moisture

Hyaluronic Sea Serum

It’s also essential to note ingredients that are not included in any of our products. For example, we don’t use artificial colors, dyes, or any toxic ingredients that may damage the skin. Everything has a purpose, and that purpose is promoting healthy skin through safe and proven effective ingredients.

Commitment to Vegan/Cruelty-Free

OSEA is committed to animal rights and welfare, which is why we only use plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. All our products are proudly vegan-certified by PETA and Cruelty-Free-certified by Leaping Bunny International. That means that there are no ingredients derived from animals, and at no point during the process are our products tested on animals.

Climate Neutral and Ocean Positive

In addition to being great for animals, vegan and cruelty-free certification is also better for the environment. Using plant-based products and recyclable packaging is much less wasteful and has a lower impact on the planet. We’ve been focused on sustainability since day 1, and we’re constantly finding new ways to improve our eco-friendliness.

For example, all our products are bottled in glass to minimize the use of plastic. We’ve even switched to smaller shipping boxes and post-consumer use packing materials to cut down on our need for virgin paper.

When it comes to sustainable skincare products and practices, our family brand is leading the way. Since 2020, we’ve been officially Climate Neutral Certified! We measure our greenhouse emissions every year and take steps to reduce and offset our carbon footprint.

In 2022, we even became the first Ocean Positive Verified skincare brand. This verification goes beyond offsetting 100% of our carbon footprint. For every ton of CO2 OSEA offsets, we’re also investing in coastal restoration programs that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

If you’re looking for clean beauty products, look no further. Incorporating OSEA into your skincare routine allows you to feel good about the quality and effectiveness of the products you’re using, as well as where they come from.