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Get More from Your Anti-Aging Sea Serum

Get More from Your Anti-Aging Sea Serum

Can it smooth and reduce signs of aging? Does it brighten and firm the look of skin? Does it even the complexion and create a younger-looking texture? Does it moisturize and support the skin’s own moisture barrier? The answers were: Check, check, check, and check plus!

Using Our Anti-Aging Face Serum

But even the world’s best wrinkle serum only works if you use it. And it works even better if you know how to maximize its superpowers. Here, our favorite hacks for using Anti-Aging Sea Serum.

A super serum for brighter days

Night makes right.

If your skin is especially dry, use Anti-Aging Sea Serum in your evening routine. It’s easier to treat dryness while you sleep than it is to reverse it in the morning.

Keep your cool.

Refrigerating Anti-Aging Sea Serum will have no effect on its efficacy, but it will make it feel refreshing and even more soothing upon application.

Throw in the towel.

Applying Anti-Aging Sea Serum to damp, not dry, skin will help seal in the hydration on the surface so skin feels even more moisturized.

Sit with it.

After you apply Anti-Aging Sea Serum, wait. To maximize the efficacy of the product, let it absorb completely before applying anything else on top.

Sunscreen, always.

All the benefits of Anti-Aging Sea Serum can be undone by damaging and aging UV light. Before you step outside, always apply a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen to your face to protect your skin.

Anti-Aging Sea Serum