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Glow from Head-to-Toe with Dry Brushing

Glow from Head-to-Toe with Dry Brushing

An ancient beauty practice found across many cultures from early Egypt to Ayurveda, dry brushing is an age-old self-care ritual that will have you feeling brand new. Invigorating, revitalizing, and exfoliating, daily body brushing boosts circulation; increasing flow for an undeniable outer glow.

Though it’s seen many iterations through the ages, modern day dry brushing uses a natural-bristle, vegan body brush made from plant fibers like sisal. The brush is applied to bare skin in short, soft strokes to stimulate and exfoliate. Starting at the feet and moving up towards the heart, this practice really is self-care from head-to-toe. And while you’ll definitely get a full body buff, the health benefits of dry brushing are more than just skin deep:

How to Dry Brush

Enhances circulation

Blood circulation is vital to good health, it’s what supplies our cells and tissues with the oxygen and nutrients needed to function. When we engage in activities that boost flow, like exercise or therapeutic rituals like massage, the increased circulation feeds our cells. Dry brushing for circulation increases blood flow at the surface of the skin, allowing blood to bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells to keep them vibrant. You may notice a rosy flush after dry brushing (perfectly normal!) that yields to a lingering glow.

Plumps the skin

Another body brushing benefit linked to circulation is that the increased blood flow may temporarily plump the skin, blurring imperfections. In fact, many body brushing lovers find that regularly dry brushing their legs and thighs reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Supports lymphatic drainage

Dry brushing increases the flow of lymph fluid for an invigorating detox. The lymph is our body’s natural waste management system, removing cellular waste and toxins from the cells and tissues. This natural cellular detox process responds best to lighter touch massage or manipulation, as the lymph system operates very superficially (close to the surface of the skin). That’s why dry brushing is encouraged to be used with gentle brush strokes. The lymph brushing direction, moving from the feet up, guides the fluid towards major lymph junctions like lymph nodes in the groin and clavicle. These dry brushing techniques support the proper flow for lymphatic drainage and detox that keep skin glowing. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep flushing the system after dry brushing.

Gently exfoliates

The stiff natural bristles of a dry brush make it the perfect exfoliating tool to remove dead skin. Lightly brushing the skin increases cellular turnover by sloughing off dead skin cells, as well as any dirt or impurities at the surface of the skin, revealing smooth skin underneath. This exfoliation leaves skin soft and prepares the skin to better absorb your favorite body oil or lotion for a radiant finish.

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The Best Time to Dry Brush

Because body brushing is most effective on bare skin, we’ve found that the best time to dry brush is just before taking a shower. And while we love dry brushing for almost everyone, if you have extremely sensitive skin or inflamed skin like eczema or psoriasis, this may not be the right ritual for you.

Ready to try dry brushing? Check out our step-by-step dry brushing guide on the best way to get glowing skin, and see the benefits for yourself!