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Plant Parenting with PlantKween

Our favorite green thumb and indoor plant enthusiast, PlantKween, joined us on Instagram to share their top tips for beginner plant parents.

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Inside Osea

A Sense of Home

Our CEO, Melissa Palmer started working with A Sense of Home two years ago. Here she shares how she discovered their life-changing work and first came into contact with their founder, Georgie Smith...

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Inside Osea

The Woolsey Fire: The End of an Era

In November 2018, our family was rocked by the devastating Californian wildfires. Reflecting on that period, although incredibly challenging, it was overwhelmingly powerful to see our community come together to support one another. Below we commemorate that experience, not only for our family’s history, but as a formative moment for OSEA as a business….

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Meet Nitsa Citrine, Creative Director of Sun Potion

We love to illuminate some of the magic that our friends and customers bring into the world, and how selfcare is at the heart of their successes. In this video we're diving deep into the world of tonic and herbal alchemy with Nitsa Citrine, Creative Director of Sun Potion.

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