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At Home Brightening Facial

Too much sun? Dull skin, dark spots or hyperpigmentation? This DIY at-home brightening facial restores radiance – in a flash!

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Abhyanga Massage: Your New Favorite Selfcare Ritual

An ancient Ayurvedic self-massage technique that involves anointing the body in warm oil. It’s super soothing and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Best of all, this selfcare ritual is accessible to most and can be done in the comfort of your own home. 

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Happy Hour for Your Skin

Mixed properly and applied in the right order, cocktailing your body products can elevate their function and enhance results, from eliminating dry skin, reducing stretch marks, cellulite, to boosting elasticity and glow. 

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Vitamin C: The Essential Antioxidant Skin Brightener

Dermatologists and other skin experts often tout Vitamin C as one of the most beneficial ingredients to add to your everyday skincare routine. But what exactly are the benefits of Vitamin C and how does it work? Here is everything you need to know about this buzzy ingredient that’s good for everyone.

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