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Gua Sha for Facial Tension

Take your at-home spa experience to the next level. The age-old practice of Gua Sha facial massage helps release facial tension, sweeps away toxins and firms skin for an overall sense of health and wellbeing. 

OSEA Gua Sha Sculptor

Get into Gua Sha with 6 Simple Steps

STEP 1) Spritz freshly cleansed skin with your favorite hydrating mist and apply facial oil to provide a smooth base and prevent tugging. 

STEP 2) Begin at the neck and work your way up in long, gentle strokes. 

STEP 3) Using the notched side of the Gua Sha Sculptor, glide along the jawline and chin in outward motions. 

STEP 5) Rotate your Gua Sha Sculptor to align with the natural contours of your cheeks and forehead and sweep outwards towards the hairline. 

STEP 6) Finish by using the corners of your Gua Sha to relieve tension at pressure points such as jaw, temples and cheekbones. 

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