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A Guide to an Elevated Leg Shaving Routine

A Guide to an Elevated Leg Shaving Routine

For many people who shave their legs regularly, the habit has become normal and even routine for self-care. So much so, in fact, that it might seem like just another task to get done in the shower. However, bringing a little bit more attention to your leg shaving routine can lead to a better experience, both while you’re shaving and after you’re done. Below is our elevated leg shaving approach to help you achieve a smooth shave and soft skin.


For the best leg shaving routine, you’ll want to prep the skin before the razor even touches it — and perhaps even before you get in the shower. Exfoliation is the key for a closer shave and reduced irritation. Skipping this step means the razor blade will get clogged with dead skin cells and other buildup. This can lead to uncomfortable side effects like razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other post-shaving irritation.

Give your razor a smooth surface to glide over by dry brushing, which gently sloughs away roughness with soft bristles. Our Plant-Based Body Brush removes dead skin cells while the skin is dry, allowing you to achieve deeper exfoliation once you’re in the shower.

Next-level exfoliation brush

Once your skin is wet, go back in with an exfoliating product to remove any lingering buildup. You can cleanse and exfoliate all at once with our Undaria Cleansing Body Polish. Formulated with both physical and AHA (chemical) exfoliation, this refining polish gently smooths roughness and uneven texture for silky, shave-ready skin.

AHA exfoliator + cleanser

Undaria Cleansing Body Polish


Now that your legs have been prepped, it’s time to officially start your elevated leg shaving routine. First, make sure you have a sharp, quality razor. A dull blade is more likely to cause nicks, as it can drag the skin and create friction. Most single-blade and disposable razors are duller than multi-blade razors. While a quality razor may be more of an initial investment, the reward of smoother, irritation-free skin is worth it in the long run. Follow the package’s recommendations for replacement, but keep in mind that most blades are meant to last about two weeks.

With your razor ready, perform the final prep step for your legs by applying a shaving solution. Shaving gels and creams are one option to consider, but you don’t necessarily need a product designed exclusively for shaving. In fact, our Ocean Cleanser makes for a perfect shaving solution and doubles as a body wash. It’s important to avoid shaving with just water. You won’t have enough lubrication, so cuts and razor burn will be imminent.

Mineral marine cleanser

Finally, start the shave. There’s some debate about whether it’s better to shave your legs in the direction your hair grows or against it. The bottom line is that going against the pattern of hair growth could get you a closer shave, leading to longer-lasting results. But if you have sensitive skin, this technique could result in cuts, irritation, and ingrown hairs.

If the closest shave is what you’re after, make sure your skin is sufficiently warm. Allow the steam from the water to open your pores for a little — consider making shaving one of the last steps in your shower routine. Make long, steady strokes, and be extra gentle around the knee area. Most people find that bending the legs allows for a close shave while preventing nicks. Avoid pressing down too hard, which could cause cuts. If needed, go back and take another gentle pass at any sections that still have hair.


When you’re satisfied with your shave, rinse your legs and dry off gently. Since you just exfoliated, avoid rubbing the skin too much to avoid irritation. Pat the legs instead. While your skin is still damp, moisturize to seal in hydration.

If your skin is especially dry or you’re shaving during the winter months, consider coupling a body oil with your lotion. Not only will this powerful duo soothe any irritation caused by shaving, but it will also seal in the moisture barrier to prevent your skin from drying out. Our Undaria Collagen™ Body Lotion is a lightweight formula that boosts firmness on the skin, while our Undaria Algae™ Body Oil seals in hydration for a glowing finish.

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