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How to Avoid and Treat Maskne

How to Avoid and Treat Maskne

In simple terms, Maskne refers to those pesky blemishes and skin irritation that pop up in the areas your cloth or KN95 face mask covers. Unlike typical acne, treating Maskne isn't all that straightforward. But don't worry, with a bit of care and self-love, you'll be well on your way to clearer skin. Let's dive into some easy steps to keep your skin healthy while wearing a mask.

Step 1

Pre and Post Mask Face Wash

Your first line of defense against Maskne is washing your face before AND after donning a face mask. Skipping this crucial step can push acne-causing bacteria deeper into your skin. It may sound like a lot, but trust us, your face will appreciate it. Opt for a gentle facial cleanser like our fragrance-free Ocean Cleansing Milk. Harsh chemicals are a no-no as they can worsen skin irritation. A gentle face wash will help restore your skin's protective barrier and lead to clearer skin.

Soothing, gentle cleanser

Step 2

Revitalize with a Mineral Mist

After cleansing, treat your skin to a refreshing hydrating mist before and after wearing your mask. Our Sea Minerals Mist provides weightless hydration and gives your skin a dewy glow, thanks to its nutrient-rich seaweeds.

Nature’s perfect hydrator

Step 3

Use a Hydrating Serum and Moisturizer

Next, apply a hydrating serum to reinforce your skin's barrier. Our Hyaluronic Sea Serum, with two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and Japanese Miru seaweed, does the trick beautifully. It not only replenishes your skin's moisture barrier but also leaves your skin looking dewy and youthful. Follow up with a lightweight, clarifying moisturizer. Steer clear of oil-free moisturizers, which can exacerbate Maskne by robbing your skin of essential hydration. Our Blemish Balm, with plant-based salicylic acid derived from wintergreen and five types of nutrient-rich seaweed, is perfect for clearing up acne and keeping your skin healthy.

Clinically proven anti-aging moisture

Hyaluronic Sea Serum

Acne control moisturizer

Blemish Balm with Plant Based Salicylic Acid
Award Winner

Step 4

Care for Your Face Mask

Ideally, wash your cloth face mask after each use with unscented, natural detergent. If you opt for a disposable medical-grade mask, replace it after each use. Choose a mask that fits comfortably without causing friction on your skin. Always follow the mask manufacturer's and CDC for proper usage.

Step 5

Mindful Sleeping

While your Maskne is on the mend, consider sleeping on your back to minimize irritation. If you're a side sleeper, placing a bolster or pillow under your knees can provide lower back support and help you stay put. A few times a week, pamper your skin with our Red Algae Clarifying Mask This mask, infused with three red seaweeds and bentonite clay, works wonders by purifying your skin, drawing out impurities, and removing excess oils, all without stripping your skin.

Taking these steps will not only help you combat Maskne but also promote healthier, clearer skin.

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