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How to Choose the Best Facial Oil for Your Skin Type

How to Choose the Best Facial Oil for Your Skin Type

The secret to an instant dewy glow? Facial oil! These moisture-locking miracles can benefit almost any skin type and routine. Don’t know where to start? Afraid of putting “oil” on your skin? We’ve got you covered! OSEA’s Lead Esthetician, Nicholle Bertino, walks us through exactly how to choose the best facial oil for your skin type.

Best for Normal + Mature Skin

Essential Hydrating Oil

This decadent facial oil combines Macadamia and Jojoba oils to hydrate and plump the look of fine lines. Eight essential oils, including Geranium transport the senses to a floral paradise that you’ll never want to leave. Just a few drops will leave you feeling hydrated and majorly glowing.

Anti-aging face oil

Best for Sensitive + Dry Skin

Dayglow Face Oil

This soothing facial oil delivers calming hydration and an instant glow-up. Skin-saving Moroccan Argan oil infused with Undaria algae keeps skin hydrated and nourished all day.

Seaweed-infused face oil

Best for Oily + Blemish Prone + Combo Skin

Essential Corrective Complex

This oil for oily skin zaps imperfections on the spot while working hard to maintain a healthy glow. For that you can thank its garden of ingredients such as Tea Tree, White Thyme and Juniper. Keep skin looking clear and healthy by using this calming oil all over your face or just where you need it.

Oily skin problem solver