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How to Cocktail Your Bodycare for Your Best Skin Yet

How to Cocktail Your Bodycare for Your Best Skin Yet

You may have tried product cocktailing on your face in the past, but did you know you can mix and match to treat the skin from the neck down as well? Like your facial favorites, body products can pack a far more potent punch when blended. Mixed properly and applied in the right order, cocktailing your body products can elevate their function and enhance results, from eliminating dry skin, reducing stretch marks, cellulite, to boosting elasticity and glow. Read on to be your own mixologist with these artisanal OSEA recipes:

Anti-Aging Body Cocktail

Looking to boost firmness and elasticity? After showering, apply equal parts Undaria Algae Body Oil with Anti-Aging Body Balm. Rub your hands together to warm oil blend and gently massage into skin, starting at the neck and working your way down. Pay special attention to areas with cellulite and stretch marks. Apply this super rich anti-aging treatment before bed and wake up to firm, hydrated, silky feeling skin.

Pro Tip: Notes of Geranium in Anti-Aging Body Balm pair perfectly with the sweet citrusy essence of Undaria Algae Body Oil for the rarest, most exotic scent.

For a full-body glow

Undaria Algae Body Oil
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Silky, firming hydration

Customized Cocktail

Need a moisture bomb? If you love Anti-Aging Body Balm, but want to take moisture to the next level, Ocean Lotion paired with our balm is just what the mixologist ordered. This blend is also perfect for folks who prefer just a hint of floral essence, as Ocean Lotion is scent free (does not contain essential-oil). Mix one pump of Ocean Lotion with one pump Anti-Aging Body Balm. A 50/50 ratio will create a moisture-rich body treatment for dry, scaly skin. For a lighter consistency and less scent, start with your Ocean Lotion base and add just a hint of Anti-Aging Body Balm. This cocktail is perfect for all skin types.

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Hair Cocktail

No matter the length, texture or style of your hair, your strands and scalp can always benefit from a weekly nourishing hair mask. Oil treatment benefits include: increased hair strength, reduced dryness, fewer split ends and follicle stimulation which may help hair growth. For this cocktail, Undaria Algae Oil is most suited for thin, fine or straight hair, while Anti-Aging Body Balm is ideal for thick, coarse or curly manes. Apply a few pumps of either to hand and gently massage into hair and scalp until fully saturated. Leave on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing off in the shower with your normal shampoo. Conditioner not required! For extra hydration, leave your hair mask on all day for even softer, more luscious locks.