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Men’s Skincare Made Easy

Men’s Skincare Made Easy

Is there a guy in your life who’s curious about skincare? Whether they’re stealing from your bathroom cabinet on the sly, or actively interested in improving their skin, the world of beauty might seem overwhelming to a newcomer.

We wanted to demystify skincare for men and show how easy it can be to incorporate a few key products into a daily routine. Case in point – style savant, writer and creative director Daniel Onassis took on the challenge to switch his routine from drugstore basics to something gentler on his skin, but still easy to keep up with on the regular.

“Taking care of my skin has recently leapfrogged the rest of my life’s priorities. From the everyday Zoom meeting to FaceTime dates, I’m seeing my face up close and personal more than ever. Although I had a couple lingering problem areas; battle scars from adolescent pimple popping, recommendations for estheticians and dermatologists were never followed and my skin suffered.

“My trouble spots are along the hairline of my beard and my temples. For years I’ve cycled through the fad collection of skincare products but most were too astringent on my skin or smelled awful. Reluctantly, I came full circle to some drugstore cleanser and toner that left my skin looking quite lifeless but I figured that was better than constantly breaking out.

“Most products made for men are so overwhelmingly fragranced, you can’t wear them with much else. OSEA is light and clean and pairs well with a wide range of colognes.”

“A virtual consultation at OSEA completely changed my outlook on a skincare regimen. [Editor note: every gift card this holiday season is accompanied by a complimentary online consultation!] We discussed what may be causing my acne and how to address it in a way that didn’t seem like doing my taxes each morning.

“I came to the realization that; yes, I did have to wash my face twice a day. But my eyes were finally opened to the kind of skin I have (oily) and how some of my bad habits (not washing my towels frequently enough, touching my face too frequently) could be making it worse.

“I knew the world of prescription skin care well and wasn’t impressed. OSEA’s foundation in natural ingredients appealed to me first, then I was captured by the fine tuned nature of all the products. OSEA has a product in their collection for all types of skin.

“I use the Ocean Cleanser along with Vitamin C Enzyme Polish. Doubling down on moisture I always add a couple sprays of the Sea Minerals Mist along with my moisturizer.

Mineral marine cleanser

Radiance booster

Vitamin C Enzyme Polish
last chance

“When I have an important meeting in a couple days ahead (or a Zoom wedding, this weekend) I couldn’t be more thankful for the Vitamin Sea Serum and Essential Corrective Complex. The serum is amazing to even out my skin and the spot treatment is like magic on surprise pimples. It’s usually the last step in my routine each evening.

Oily skin problem solver

“The switch to all OSEA for my body has been the most subtle but surprising upgrade. The Salts of the Earth Body Scrub has made my elbows, hands and knees noticeably smoother and softer. I never knew my elbows needed so much love.

Gentle body exfoliator

Salts of the Earth Body Scrub
award winner

“The most epic part of OSEA’s products is how mild the scents are. Most products made for men are so overwhelmingly fragranced, you can’t wear them with much else. OSEA is light and clean and pairs well with a wide range of colognes.”