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OSEA for Parachute Collaboration: Non-Toxic Products to Elevate Your Space

OSEA for Parachute Collaboration: Non-Toxic Products to Elevate Your Space

We’re thrilled to share three new products from our OSEA for Parachute collaboration to enhance relaxation and wellness at home -- Sleep Time Bath Salt, Refresh Linen Mist and Rest Linen Mist!

For over 20 years we’ve focused on creating safe products for skin, but always knew that eventually we wanted to make safe products for our living environments too. We are huge fans of fellow Los Angeles-based brand Parachute Home and especially their philosophy of high quality materials free of harsh chemicals and synthetics. As we connected more with Parachute as a brand, we also realized our mutual commitment to self-care and relaxation. That’s when the idea for these products really came to life.

Jenefer Palmer, our founder and formulator, knew that she wanted to bring the Malibu beach vibe to Parachute’s timeless esthetic - playing with scents of local Malibu lavender, French lavender, geranium, peppermint, sage and mint (which she grows every summer in her garden). After months of formulation, she created an energizing linen mist that will uplift your morning, a grounding linen mist to tuck you in at night and a sleep time bath salt with lavender to prepare you for sound sleep.

Of course, you’ll also be able to rest easy knowing these products are safe, non-toxic and vegan, just like all your favorite OSEA products.

We hope you love this collaboration as much as we do. We can’t wait to go to sleep and wake up with you!

The Story

The Goods:

Sleep Time Bath Salt

Bath Salt

Deep sleep is our number one beauty secret. Himalayan Pink Salt, rich in 84 trace minerals replenishes depleted skin and soothes tired muscles. Wild Lavender essential oil calms the senses and envelopes the body in a soothing natural fragrance. The result is a restful reset for both body and mind.

Refresh Linen Mist

Linen Mist

Rich in pure steam-distilled biodiverse French, Bulgarian & Croatian Lavender to minimize stress and promote deep relaxation and restfulness. Fall asleep with a clear heart and mind and awaken energized and refreshed.