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The Meditation Technique that Can Soothe Stress in Minutes

The Meditation Technique that Can Soothe Stress in Minutes

If ever there was a time to try a new meditation technique, it’s now. With stress levels at an all- time high, it’s more important than ever to make space for loving selfcare. If your mindfulness meditation practice is not quite doing the trick, you may want to try something a little Enter Tapping, aka the Emotional Freedom Technique. Keep scrolling as we walk you step by step on how to tap your way to relaxation.

What is EFT Tapping?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) was developed by Roger Callahan, MD in the 80’s. Callahan discovered that by gently tapping with his fingers on certain acupressure points he could release tension and difficult feelings. While it may sound a bit far out, in these tough times, tapping is quickly becoming our new favorite ritual for taming tension and raising positive vibrations.

Your 8 Step Guide to Tapping

Before you go, er, knocking yourself out, read through our guide to gentle tapping for relaxation.

Note: Always use a soft touch. If you experience any discomfort, you are tapping too hard. For each step, tap as many times as is comfortable, and until you begin to feel your energy shift. Tap only on points in the sequence below that feel soothing to you. Your tapping ritual can be practiced daily, or anytime you’re feeling stressed.

Step 1
Set a loving intention for yourself. Don’t know where to start? Try this: Even though I feel/am ____ I deeply and completely accept myself. Keep your intention in the forefront of your mind throughout your tapping ritual and notice how your energy shifts.

Step 2
Starting at the head and using both hands, gently tap with fingers above each eyebrow at the points closest to the bridge of your nose.

Step 3
Move your fingers to the bone on the outside of the eye (the hard point between the eye and the soft temple) and very gently tap.

Step 4
Tap in the crevice above the upper lip.

Step 5
Tap on your “chin crease,” the point between your chin and lower lip.

Step 6
Using two hands, tap on your collarbones, an inch or two away from the hollow of your throat.

Step 7
With two hands, tap under your breast area.

Step 8
With two hands, raise your arms and very gently tap in the armpit area.

After you’ve completed your tapping sequence, take a couple of deep breaths and check in with yourself. Has the intensity of your stress or emotions decreased? Notice with loving awareness any energy or emotional shifts that may have occurred during your practice.