What’s a Water Cream, and Do I Need One?

What’s a Water Cream, and Do I Need One?

An extremely hydrating moisturizer and almost certainly. OK, full disclosure: If your skin is naturally plump and healthy, if you’ve never looked at an iPhone or watched Netflix, and if you live in a rainforest, you can skip water cream and stop reading right now.

On the other hand, when you’re exposed to pollution, free radicals, extreme temperatures, air conditioning, heating, and all the other things that dry out and damage the skin, your skin could probably use some help. That’s where water creams come in. If a water cream does its job well, your skin gets plumped up with hydration for many hours without feeling heavy or greasy. But that’s a big if.

The Secret to Hydration

Our new Seabiotic Water Cream is packed with Undaria pinnatifida seaweed, plant-derived squalane, and natural botanical extract bisabolol, to load the skin with continuous hydration for up to 72 hours. When you rub Seabiotic Water Cream into the skin, the most amazing thing happens: The cream sinks in so readily and easily that you’ll realize your skin was dehydrated and you didn’t even know it. Skin looks instantly plumper, smoother, and younger. Our unique formulation helps build back moisture levels for the healthiest skin possible. Plus, Seabiotic Water Cream does all that while caring for skin exposed to blue light and without making the skin feel slick or greasy. Of course, skin cannot thrive on hydration alone. That’s why our formula, which also contains a pre and probiotic*, helps support the skin’s own microbiome for radiant, healthy looking skin. The result is skin that feels deeply hydrated, moisturized, and thoroughly healthy, whether you live in a rainforest or a hemisphere away from one.

*The probiotic in this formula is non-viable. This means it is not a live organism.

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