How Do I Choose the Right Moisturizer?

How Do I Choose the Right Moisturizer?

Hang on. Maybe that’s not the right question. Instead of asking yourself which moisturizer is right for you, maybe ask yourself what you need today. Just like you would reach out to one friend for life advice and another friend to go for a swim in the ocean and another friend when you just want to relax and stop worrying so much, moisturizers, too, have different personalities. And knowing which moisturizer is right for your skin is also about knowing which moisturizer is right for you.

Meet the Moisturizers

The Overachiever


Moisturizers moisturize. It’s what they do. But that feeling usually lasts a few hours, maybe until dinner if you’re lucky. Seabiotic® Water Cream is a whole different game. Our ultra-hydrating, microbiome-friendly moisturizer has been clinically proven to hydrate the skin for up to 72 hours. That’s up to three days. That means that when you apply it every morning, the skin still feels soft and nourished from the day before. Use it daily to keep the cycle going for skin that’s perpetually plump, hydrated, and happy.

The Sage


There is wisdom that comes from knowing ourselves—and our skin. Like a skincare Yoda, our Advanced Protection Cream has depth and gravitas and knows what we need on a deep level. This isn’t a lightweight. Our age-defying moisturizer uses the powers of the plant-derived amino acid DPHP and Gigartina seaweed to restore the look and feel of youthful skin, visibly firming the skin while locking in moisture and offering unparalleled barrier protection.

The Peacemaker


You know those days when your skin seems a little...frustrated? Maybe it’s red or inflamed or irritated or breaking out or about to break out or all of the above? That’s where our Blemish Balm comes in. This lightweight lotion designed for blemish-prone or combination skin is enhanced with tea tree, juniper, and thyme essential oils to purify troubled or congested skin. Apply in the morning for balanced hydration that doesn’t leave skin shiny.

The Protector


We all need one: someone to nurture us while keeping our enemies away. And in the case of a moisturizer, that means protection against the stressors of the world. Our Atmosphere Protection Cream is a lightweight, everyday moisturizer packed with seaweed, shea butter, and omega-rich oils to hydrate the skin and shore up the skin barrier so it can protect against environmental pollutants.