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How to Fake 8 Hours of Sleep

How to Fake 8 Hours of Sleep

The eyes are the windows to our souls, the path to our hearts, the words our lips never say. We get lost in them, gaze into them, and dream of them. The delicate eye area is also the first to show signs of aging and fatigue. You know how a shot of espresso perks you right up? These three skincare heroes are your wakeup call for tired eyes.

Collagen Dream Night Cream

Sleep gives our skin the chance to renew, leaving it looking rested, refreshed and radiant by morning. And the right night cream can play a big role in that. Our Collagen Dream Night Cream was inspired by psychodermatology—a field that explores the connection between our mind and skin. This overnight cream targets the root causes of premature aging: stress and sleep deprivation. It’s the first night cream clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress on the skin. In clinical testing, Collagen Dream Night Cream was proven to firm skin in just two weeks.* In a consumer-perception study,

Overnight Bio Retinol Moisturizer


  • 97% agreed skin instantly felt softer & smoother*
  • 94% agreed skin felt instantly hydrated, moisturized & soothed*
  • 90% agreed skin looked more radiant & firm*
  • 94% agreed skin looked brighter*

*Based on a clinical & consumer-perception study conducted over 4 weeks on 30 women ages 33-60, using before bed.

Collagen Dream Night Cream

However, the formula exceeded our expectations, as we discovered (in a happy accident) that it also visibly reduced signs of fatigue around the eyes, despite not being an eye cream. We performed clinical testing on our formula to assess its effects on the seven signs of stress on the skin: dark circles, dullness, dryness, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles, lack of elasticity, and lack of firmness. What we found was surprising, even to us: Our dream cream visibly reduced dark circles by 80% in 4 weeks.*

So, do you really need a dedicated eye cream? The answer is yes (more on that later). However, you will also see exceptional results from using our Collagen Dream Night Cream under the eyes too.

Ocean Eyes Serum

Our age-defying serum helps you appear bright-eyed and rested (although you may still need your double shot of espresso). The cooling rollerball applicator awakens the entire eye area. But that’s not all. Ocean Eyes Serum also reduces the look of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and crow’s feet and hydrates skin.

Brightening & firming

Brightening + firming essential duo

Save $28

Here are just a few more reasons why we’re obsessed:

First, there’s the texture: a silky lightweight gel that melts into the skin and leaves behind a dewy, angelic glow. And then there are the ingredients. The formula is loaded with seaweed to brighten skin and reduce the look of crow’s feet and undereye bags, plus a bark extract that improves the look of dark circles. Our anti-aging blend also includes a peptide (a biomimetic tetrapeptide, to be exact) to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, clinically tested quinoa extract to reduce puffiness, and hyaluronic acid for a daily dose of hydration.

Ocean Eyes

The perfectly curved metal rollerball applicator is as luxurious and beneficial as the serum itself. It feels refreshingly cool on contact and energizes as it glides along the undereye area. Just a few strokes will have you feeling altogether bright-eyed—we didn’t realize how tired our eyes felt before! We love that it’s completely scent and fragrance free and gentle on the eyes, so you can roll it on with abandon.

Ocean Eyes is quite different from other eye serums in that it really does target all signs of aging. And a third-party study had some pretty amazing real-world results, too:

  • 87% said skin around the eyes felt immediately hydrated*
  • 97% agreed skin looked smoother & firmer*
  • 97% said skin around the eyes looked more awake*
  • 97% said their eye area looked brighter & dark circles less noticeable*
  • 94% said it reduced the look of undereye bags & puffiness*
  • 94% said lines, crow’s feet & wrinkles looked less visible*

*Based on a four-week third-party consumer-perception study of 32 women ages 37-65.

So who needs an eye serum? Everyone, whose goal it is to have bright, smooth, awake and youthful-looking eyes. Ocean Eyes not only plumps up the look of creases and lines, but also helps undereye concealer and makeup glide on much smoother.

Advanced Repair Eye Cream

Targeted age repair


And now for la creme de la creme. After rolling on your serum, top it off with our Advanced Repair Eye Cream. Moisturizing the eye area has this magical ability to immediately brighten your gaze. It’s one of the best things you can do for puffiness around the eyes–aside from not eating a bag of chips the night before. That said, our ultra-rich cream does a whole lot more than moisturize: It’s also clinically proven to improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet; reduce dark circles, undereye bags and eye puffiness; and visibly firm and brighten skin, both immediately and over time. The secret lies in two types of seaweeds–bladderwrack and green microalgae–that brighten and smooth the entire eye area along with some beautiful botanicals, like plant-based squalane (derived from sustainable sugarcane), horse chestnut flower extract and an amino acid called DPHP that visibly firms skin. Advanced Repair Eye Cream delivers real results. In a third-party clinical study, after just two weeks*:

  • 97% said skin around the eyes was hydrated, smoother and healthier
  • 94% said skin around eyes looked firmer, more radiant and awake
  • 91% said eyes looked brighter & eye puffiness was improved

**Based on a third-party consumer-perception study conducted on 32 women ages 35 to 65 after two weeks of use.

Advanced Repair Eye Cream

Our eye cream is incredibly nourishing with a velvety texture that melts seamlessly into the skin. We recommend warming a small amount between your fingers and gently pressing it into the skin around your eyes, focusing on the crow's feet area. It's luxuriously rich, so a little goes a long way. If using it alongside our Collagen Dream Night Cream, apply our eye cream as the final layer for optimal results. After all, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, it’s probably a good idea to take good care of them.