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How to Give Yourself a Facial— At Home

The At-Home Power Facial. Keep your skin feeling firm, plump, and radiant without ever leaving home. While we all miss the expert hands of our favorite estheticians, this foolproof at-home facial is ideal for days in.   

Treatment Time: 40 minutes


  • • 3 warm wet towels or washcloths (the softest you have on hand)
  • • Vagus Nerve Oil
  • • Ocean Cleansing Milk and/or Ocean Cleanser + Ocean Cleansing Mudd
  • • Sea Minerals Mist or Sea Vitamin Boost
  • • Black Algae Mask (for normal skin types) or Vitamin C Probiotic Polish for sensitive skin
  • • White Algae Mask or Red Algae Mask 
  • • Hyaluronic Sea Serum, Vitamin Sea Serum or Brightening Serum
  • • Atmosphere Protection Cream or Advanced Protection Cream (for normal skin types); Blemish Balm (for oily/blemish-prone skin)
  • • Essential Hydrating Oil (normal skin types), Undaria Argan Oil (sensitive skin) or Essential Corrective Complex (blemish-prone skin).
  • Note: Protocol may be modified using similar products that you have on hand!  


    OSEA At-Home Facial

    1. (Re) Connect with Yourself

    Apply 1 pump of Vagus Nerve Oil to fingertips. Using a gentle touch, massage sides of neck in upward strokes and back of neck in opening circles. Recline and create a comfortable cradle for the head with your fingers interlaced. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and visualize spine “lengthening”. Learn more about cranial sacral massage with Vagus Nerve Oil here.

    2. Cleanse

    Wet face. Apply one pump of Ocean Cleansing Milk (or your favorite cleanser). Cleanse in gentle, opening circles. Place warm, wet towel or washcloth on face, inhale deeply and lightly press hands onto towel for one minute. Remove cleanser using towel in slow, symmetrical, motions. 

    3. Tone

    Mist face with Sea Minerals Mist (for sensitive skin) or Sea Vitamin Boost for a burst of antioxidant hydration. 

    4. Exfoliate

    Mix ½ tsp of Black Algae Flash Mask for normal skin types or Vitamin C Probiotic Polish for sensitive skin types with 1 pump Ocean Cleansing Milk (if you have it). Begin exfoliating facial massage. Remove with warm wet towel. 

    5. Mask

    Mix 1 tsp of Red Algae Mask or White Algae Mask with 1 pump of Ocean Cleansing Milk (if you have it). Apply with fingers or two fan brushes. Begin on forehead and work your way down to neck. Remove with warm, wet towel. 

    6. Treat 

    Apply a few drops of Hyaluronic Sea Serum, Vitamin Sea Serum or Brightening Serum to face, pressing gently into skin. 

    7. Protect

    Finish with the best moisturizer for your skin type and/or a facial oil for extra hydration. Apply to face, neck, and décolleté. 

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