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New Year, New Advanced Protection Cream

New Year, New Advanced Protection Cream

New year, new incredible skincare. At OSEA, great skin is always a priority, but this year we’re taking things to the next level with our newly upgraded Advanced Protection Cream, now featuring a vegan retinol alternative.

Firmer, Smoother, More Supple Skin

Created over 24 years ago, our ultra-rich Advanced Protection Cream is an OG hero product, one that clean-skincare gurus (including our 67-years-young founder, Jenefer Palmer) have sworn by for decades. So why touch a good thing? To make it even better.

Our upgraded formula does much more than moisturize and leave skin feeling fantastic. It smooths the appearance of wrinkles, firms skin, provides barrier protection and is clinically proven to instantly increase hydration by 121%.* In clinical studies, immediately after just one use,

  • 97% said skin looked smoother**
  • 97% said skin felt protected**
  • 94% said skin felt soft & supple**
  • 91% said skin looked more radiant**

Top anti-aging hydration

Advanced Protection Cream
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The Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream

Advanced Protection Cream

Our new, richer-than-rich cream is loaded with a vegan retinol alternative (more on that below), Undaria seaweed and a biomimetic lipid complex, along with ingredients like moisturizing shea butter and DPHP, a plant-derived amino acid that firms skin and leaves it feeling supple. There’s a lot going on in this gorgeous glass jar. It’s the most advanced of our creams, ideal for dry or mature skin and tested to be safe on sensitive skin.

What Is the Vegan Retinol Alternative?

Advanced Protection Cream

Well it’s not a retinol for starters. A quick refresher on retinol: A derivative of vitamin A, retinol works to encourage cell turnover. It’s great for treating acne and even better for addressing fine lines. But–and this is a big but–many people find it irritating to skin.That’s where our vegan retinol alternative comes in. The all-star of our upgraded cream, Bidens pilosa is an anti-aging, retinol-like natural ingredient that works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while promoting a more radiant, even complexion. It activates the same receptor in your skin as retinol, providing similar benefits without the associated irritation. The best part? There’s no need to start slowly or avoid certain ingredients, like your favorite AHAs. More great news for sensitive skin!

How to Use Our New Face Cream in a Routine

Advanced Protection Cream

Start with freshly cleansed skin. Next, apply your favorite treatment serum, either Hyaluronic Sea Serum or Anti-Aging Sea Serum, or go ahead and layer on both. Immediately follow with a generous dose of our upgraded Advanced Protection Cream. If your skin is very dry, lock in moisture with a few drops of our nourishing Dayglow Face Oil for a dewy, glaze-y finish.

With a beautiful, thick, rich texture and an extremely impressive ingredient list, this is just what our parched winter skin needs day and night and all year round. And with clinical results that speak for themselves, don’t you think it’s time you treated yourself to a fresh start?

* Based on an instrumental measurement in a clinical study on 34 women ages 40-65 exposed to extreme, dehydrating weather conditions.

** Based on a third-party consumer-perception study on 33 women ages 40 to 65 with 2x daily application, after 1 day of use.