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OSEA Founder Favorites: Jenefer Palmer’s Routine for Glowing Winter Skin

OSEA Founder Favorites: Jenefer Palmer’s Routine for Glowing Winter Skin

Glowy skin tends to sign off in the winter. We asked OSEA founder, and OG skincare guru, Jenefer Palmer to reveal her tried-and-true tips to glow on through the chilly months. Read on for her secrets for plump, radiant and ageless skin, all season long.

Cleanse and Tone

I start my routine with a daily cleanse. In winter, I reach for our nourishing Ocean Cleansing Milk. Next, I mist my face with Sea Minerals Mist. This superfood toner uses mineral-rich Undaria seaweed and aloe vera to replenish the moisture barrier and keep skin looking healthy. It’s the exact nourishment my skin needs.

Soothing, gentle cleanser

Nature’s perfect hydrator

Use a Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I love formulating with Hyaluronic Acid. It’s an amazing humectant that floods my skin with hydration. I slather on a generous dose of Hyaluronic Sea Serum daily. It’s a blend of two molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid plus nutrient-rich seaweed. I’m obsessed with how this serum plumps and smooths the look of my complexion. When I have time, I’ll give myself a gentle facial massage, working the serum into my face while slowly inhaling “calm” and exhaling “stress.”

Clinically proven anti-aging moisture


Double Down on Moisture

In the winter I use both Essential Hydrating Oil and our ultra-rich Advanced Protection Cream to boost my moisture barrier. It’s all about your moisture barrier! While we don’t have freezing temps in L.A., indoor heating and the desert climate is hard on anyone’s skin. I created Essential Hydrating Oil over 30 years ago and it’s still my favorite “child.” I use it every single day. It’s a really nourishing blend of Jojoba, Macadamia and eight other oils that absorbs quickly and gives you the most insane glow. I like to layer on my facial oil first, followed by my moisturizer to seal in hydration. Advanced Protection Cream is basically like a cushiony cloud of moisture for your face. Once you try this vegan retinol alternative-powered anti-aging cream, it’s seriously hard to go back to using anything else!

Anti-aging face oil

Top anti-aging hydration

Editor's Pick

Try a Dedicated Eye Cream

Yes, you need an eye cream. Especially in winter to shield against the elements. Now that I’m in my 60s, it’s become obvious that the skin around my peepers needs some extra TLC. Enter Advanced Repair Eye Cream. I formulated our eye cream with illuminating and skin-smoothing bladderwrack seaweed and green microalgae and a plant-based amino acid called DPHP that visibly firms skin and leaves it feeling supple. Bonus: my daughter says it makes me look bright-eyed even when I’ve skimped on sleep. AND anytime you get a compliment, that’s a bonus!

Targeted age repair


Baby Your Body

I’m going to be honest: I created Anti-Aging Body Balm...for myself! This is my go-to product for dry skin. It’s packed with rich emollients like Coconut, Acai and Babassu oils. This balm goes on like a lotion and melts in like an oil leaving my skin, soft, smooth and glowing. I like to apply in the evenings after bathing. The Geranium and Jasmine scent helps me unwind before I drift off to dreamland.

Silky, firming hydration

New Jumbo Size