The 5 Best Products for the Perfect Summer Body Glow

The 5 Best Products for the Perfect Summer Body Glow

Ahhh summer! The promise of longer, sunshiny days is finally on the horizon. We’re stripping off our winter layers and enjoying some much-needed vitamin D. After such a stressful year, our bodies could all use a little TLC. Whether your bucket list includes a remote beachy getaway, or backyard gatherings with friends–we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for the five best body-boosting essentials you need to get silky-smooth, glowy skin from the neck down.

When it comes to getting the smooth summer skin of your dreams, whether you’re wearing shorts, spaghetti straps or caftans, daily exfoliation is key. Sloughing away dry, dead skin increases clarity, softness and also helps your other products absorb better. Our smooth-skin tip? Alternate between body scrubs and dry brushing for maximum benefit.

Undaria Body Polish

This dual-action exfoliator combines Lychee Seeds with finely ground Volcanic Pumice to leave skin feeling smooth and velvety-soft. The best part? A rich base of Cannabis Sativa and Kukui oils keep skin seriously hydrated and glowy.

Resurface and hydrate for your softest skin

Plant-Based Body Brush

For smooth, energized and healthy-looking skin, incorporate our exfoliating body brush into your bathing routine. This hand-held tool buffs away roughness, prepping skin for ultimate hydration. Set in a beachwood base with plant-based sisal fibers, this a vegan-friendly pick as well.

Next-level exfoliation brush

The Body Moisturizers

Despite the weather being hot and humid (or dry for our fellow desert dwellers), you still need to moisturize. During the summer months you’re up against the dehydrating effects of extreme temps, air-conditioning and sunburn–all of which can cause dry, flaky skin. Fear not. These three body moisturizers will keep you hydrated and looking like a glowy goddess all season long.

Undaria Algae Body Oil

No beach? No problem. Get your glow on with this bestselling body oil. Packed with Undaria Seaweed and eleven lush botanical oils, including Passion Fruit and Acai, this golden elixir instantly hydrates for silky-soft skin that glows. Bonus: It’s naturally-derived sweet and citrusy scent is delightfully addictive.

Mineralize + moisturize for a full-body glow

Undaria Algae Body Oil
Editor's pick

Ocean Lotion

Looking for weightless moisture? This fragrance-free silky body lotion is just the ticket for soft, glowing limbs without the stickiness. Hard-working hydrators, including Shea Butter, Kukui, Macadamia and Rosehip oils sink in immediately, leaving nothing behind but healthy-looking skin.

Lightweight, fragrance-free body moisturizer


Anti-Aging Body Balm

After a day in the summer sun, this ultra-rich moisturizer is a post-shower staple to lock in hydration for super supple skin. Packed with Coconut oil and two superfood Seaweeds, this silky body balm is an all-in-one nourishing solution for hydrating those crepey parts–think tech neck, dry elbows and feet. Also nice: the sensuous subtle Jasmine and Geranium scent. Good luck finding something that this moisturizer can’t do.

Firming hydration for silky skin