The Art of Bathing: 3 Beautifying Rituals to Soothe and Soften

The Art of Bathing: 3 Beautifying Rituals to Soothe and Soften

In these challenging times, making space to be present seems like a luxury. The art of bathing is a simple ritual you can practice at home to center yourself in the present moment. Pretty hard to multitask while you’re in the tub! Read on to discover our favorite sumptuous bathing rituals that will make you feel soothed and cared for.

Shedding the Old to Start New

In this ritual, you’ll want to start by setting an intention of shedding something in your life that no longer serves you. Run a warm bath or hop in the shower. Gently massage a nourishing, exfoliating scrub onto damp skin, working it from the tops of feet all the way up to your shoulders. Visualize shedding the old as you buff away dead skin. Rinse to release stagnant energy and also enjoy your super soft skin.

Energize Your Skin and Your Space

Feeling tired or sluggish? Add a few drops of energizing essential oils to a diffuser. Try peppermint, rosemary or geranium. We love Vitruvi stone diffusers for their efficacy and elegant design. Spend about five minutes dry brushing your skin from your feet towards your heart, taking nice, deep breaths. Hop in the warm bath or shower as a reward for your efforts. This super invigorating ritual exfoliates and also just feels amazing.

Sleepy Time Bath Ritual

The ultimate way to wind down at the end of the day. Dim the lights and set the stage by lighting some (naturally) scented candles. While lighting candles is not revolutionary, it’s a tried and true practice for creating a relaxing ambiance to support peaceful slumber. Mist Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist into air to soothe the senses. Sprinkle in a handful of Gigartina Therapy Bath into water and swirl with fingers. Mineral-rich Seaweed envelops skin in softness and Lavender and Plumeria create an oasis of calm. Emerge from your bath feeling relaxed and ready to drift off to dreamland.