This is What Your Skin Needs to Survive the Cold

This is What Your Skin Needs to Survive the Cold

Dry skin, rough patches and chapped hands? Welcome to winter. When temps drop, switching up your routine is the simplest first line of defense. Keep scrolling for solutions to your top cold-weather skincare concerns.

Switch to a Gentle Cleanser

In cooler climates, gentle cleansing is a must to protect your skin’s moisture barrier. As a rule of thumb, if your skin feels tight after cleansing you can bet that your face wash is too harsh for the season. Reach for a calming cleanser with nourishing oils to baby skin. We love skin softening Ocean Cleansing Milk that actually hydrates and soothes with Water Lily and Gigartina Seaweed while also washing away the day.

A creamy, soothing, makeup-removing cleanser


Exfoliate from Head-to-Toe

If you aren’t already on the exfoliation train, winter is the perfect time to start! During the colder months, dead skin build up can result in a dry, dull complexion. Buff away lackluster skin to reveal your natural glow. Sensitive skintypes can exfoliate up to 2 times a week, while normal, combination and oily skin can exfoliate more often. We are fans of the universal Vitamin C Enzyme Polish. This gentle facial exfoliant with Pomegranate enzymes chemically dissolves dead skin while finely milled Bamboo powders physically polish. Bonus: This powerhouse is chock full of Vitamin C to leave you insanely glowing.

Just like with your face, sloughing away dead skin on your body is key for warding off dryness. Salts of the Earth Body Scrub uses Pink Himalyan Salts to exfoliate and a blend of six nourishing botanical oils to majorly moisturize, leaving behind smooth, baby soft skin.

Radiance booster

Vitamin C Enzyme Polish
powdered exfoliator

Gentle exfoliator for smooth, glowing skin

Salts of the Earth Body Scrub
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Hydrate with Hyaluronic Acid

Power up your hydration with a Hyaluronic Acid serum. This genius molecule draws water into skin to plump, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our choice? Hyaluronic Sea Serum which combines Hyaluronic Acid with Seaweeds for a burst of minerals and antioxidants to keep you bouncy and glowing for hours. It absorbs super fast so you can layer it with your other favorite serums or use alone under your moisturizer or facial oil.

Clinically proven anti-aging moisture boost

Hyaluronic Sea Serum
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Swap Your Moisturizer

Central heating coupled with cold outside air can cause havoc on your complexion. Now might be the moment to experiment with using a heavier moisturizer to lock in hydration (i.e. your serums). Advanced Protection Cream features a biomimetic lipid complex, glycerin and shea butter to winter-proof your skin, along with a vegan retinol alternative to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Our ultra-rich, cushiony cream is clinically proven to instantly increase hydration by 121% and provides unparalleled barrier protection–a dream come true for dry skin.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Advanced Protection Cream
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Slather Your Body in Moisture

Freezing temps and extra hot showers can lead to dry, thirsty skin on our bodies too. After showering, wrap your body in a veil of thick moisture with Anti-Aging Body Balm. This luxurious blend of Coconut, Passion Fruit, Acai and Babassu oils nourish skin and keep your glow on all day long. Intoxicating Geranium and Jasmine oils make this product one you actually look forward to applying.

Firming hydration for silky skin


Rescue Dry Hands

Frequent hand washing along with freezing temps can lead to dry, chapped and flaking hands. Fortunately, a generous application of hand cream after each hand washing session can get moisture levels back on track! Anti-Aging Hand Cream is formulated with two of our favorite dry skin saving ingredients: ultra-rich Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. This intensely moisturizing cream also brightens the look of hyperpigmentation and dark spots with five skin illuminating botanicals. 

Advanced skincare for hands

Anti-Aging Hand Cream
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Here’s to healthy, happy, hydrated skin, all winter long!