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The Ultimate Skincare Routine for Mature Skin

The Ultimate Skincare Routine for Mature Skin

As the body ages, it goes through many changes. Sometimes, these changes can appear on the skin, such as newfound wrinkles or dark spots. Some changes may be unnoticeable at first, such as loss of firmness. However, they’ll become more apparent with time.

When your skin changes, it’s important to maintain a healthy routine to help it age in a healthy way. From switching your cleanser to a more gentle one to reconsidering the types of moisturizer you use, mature skin should be thoroughly cared for daily. Below, we’ll guide you through some essential aspects of caring for mature skin.

6 Steps for the Perfect Mature Skin Routine

1. Wear Sunscreen

Photoaging occurs when the skin is exposed to UV rays for prolonged periods. UV ray exposure speeds up the process of aging, increasing wrinkles and sunspots. Always use SPF, even when it’s wintertime, cloudy, or raining. Broad spectrum care with an SPF of 30 or higher is needed for the most effective protection year-round.

2. Use Gentle Ingredients

From applying facial scrubs to massaging serum from beauty masks, the skin endures a lot of stimulation daily. However, as the skin becomes more fragile, these tactics can create an opposite effect from what is intended.

Make sure to be gentle on your skin by using soft motions when applying products. When purchasing skincare items, look for gentle ingredients in cleansers, moisturizing masks, and serums. Our Ocean Cleansing Milk is an excellent option for those looking for a fragrance-free option. Its pH-balanced formula promotes hydration for sensitive skin. Gently wash your face twice a day with a mild cleanser using light circular motions.

Soothing, gentle cleanser

3. Hydrate

Dry skin is a big culprit behind prominent wrinkles and loss of firmness in the skin. In addition to hydrating your skin, you should also hydrate your body. Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day to hydrate your skin. It’s recommended to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily for the ultimate hydration.

Hydrating your skin is just as crucial as hydrating your body. Our Hyaluronic Sea Serum offers the right amount of hydration thanks to ingredients like hyaluronic acid, seaweed, and snow mushroom. It targets the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, and promotes dewy-looking skin.

Clinically proven anti-aging moisture

Hyaluronic Sea Serum

4. Moisturize

Ideally, you should be moisturizing your body and face every day. Using the right moisturizer can help support collagen production, plump skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and help rebuild the protective barrier. Look for effective ingredients like bio-retinol, which have been proven to help with the effects of aging.

For your face, use moisturizers that will deeply nourish without making your skin greasy, such as our Advanced Protection Cream or Essential Hydrating Oil. With marine ingredients, such as Undaria seaweed, these moisturizers help provide intense nourishment and long-lasting hydration. Add a layer of our Collagen Dream Night Cream, which delivers ultra-hydrating results thanks to its algae-derived bio retinol and vegan collagen.

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Collagen Dream Night Cream

For your body, focus on moisturizers that lock in hydration, as the skin on the body has fewer oil glands than that on the face. Our Anti-Aging Body Balm combines the silkiness of lotion with the benefits of a serum for the perfect anti-aging effects.

Silky, firming hydration

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5. Use Eye Cream

Everyone’s skin ages differently, which means you’ll likely have specific areas of concern. For many, this is around the eyes. Smiling, squinting, or rubbing your eyes can cause wrinkles to form naturally. Eyes are also an area of concern because the skin is more sensitive, which means you’ll need to use a product that is specifically for the eye area.

Our Advanced Repair Eye Cream is a luxurious cream that contains seaweed and sugarcane-derived squalane to provide deep hydration. It helps reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes, as well as target fine lines.

Targeted age repair

Advanced Repair Eye Cream

6. Get Plenty of Sleep

While it may not always be easy to get a great night’s sleep, try to rest for at least eight hours a night. When you sleep, your body refreshes itself. A lack of restful sleep will show up on your skin in the form of bags under the eyes or dullness. Prioritize creating a sleep schedule that works for you so that you can minimize such issues and promote healthier-looking skin.